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Aqua Leisure Center in Val de Scarpe, Arras, north east France
Design: SAREA Alain Sarfati Architecture
Arras Aquatic Center Building
photo © ADAGP photographe Noelle Hoeppe

Aqua Leisure Center in Val de Scarpe – 17 Sep 2012
The Aqua Leisure Center in Val de Scarpe, Arras “puts a new twist on age-old pleasures, like a modern Tivoli”. After Quimper, Béthune, Laon and Bordeaux, S.AREA Alain Sarfati Architecture presents Aquarena.

SAREA Alain Sarfati Architecture – Recent Designs

The French Embassy in Beijing, China
SAREA Alain Sarfati Architecture and GINGER SECHAUD & BOSSUYT
The French Embassy in Beijing
picture © Adagp-photographe Noelle Hoeppe

French Embassy in Beijing – 3 Apr 2012
“The very image of French rigor and elegance, the building has come to represent France on Chinese soil. With a garden at its heart, the 20,000m2 embassy consists of the Chancellery, Consulate, diplomatic residence and private apartments of the Ambassador. Innovative functionality and a bioclimatic design are the result of a site-specific architectural approach and the requirements of a changing world.”

The Scarab, France
The Scarab Building
photo © Philippe Ruault
The Scarab – 4 Apr 2012
A black base firmly anchored in the soil defines the horizontal from which the pattern of the skyline enters in harmony. It picks up the undulation of the golden drape of the large exhibition hall: stability and mobility are the two architectural dimensions of the Scarab which shimmers under the lights.
Architecture can be a magnet, “a strange magnet”; especially if it concerns a public utility, if the establishment hosts cultural, sporting and economic events or is used quite simply for entertainment. Through its form and radiance and the image it gives out, the place created from symbolic identity becomes a medium of social connection. This is what the Scarab, a creation by ALAIN SARFATI for the Urban Community of Roanne, offers.

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