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Art Gallery of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Randall Stout Architects
Art Gallery of Alberta
photo : Robert Lemermeyer

Art Gallery of Alberta Building
The new Art Gallery of Alberta is an engaging and inviting visual arts center in downtown Edmonton, Alberta. Celebrating its prominent location on Sir Winston Churchill Square, the city’s arts and government core, the building’s architectural design formally and philosophically extends out into the community, welcoming visitors of all ages and backgrounds to experience contemporary art firsthand.

Taubman Museum of Art, Roanoke, Virginia
Randall Stout Architects
Taubman Museum of Art
photo © Timothy Hursley

Taubman Museum of Art
The Taubman Museum of Art building’s forms and materials evoke the drama of the surrounding mountainous landscape of the Shenandoah Valley – the Blue Ridge Mountains and Appalachian Mountains – and the industrial era building culture of the early 20th century railroad boom when Roanoke came to prominence as a switchpoint city.

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