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Primus arkitekter, Denmark : Architecture Studio

Contemporary Architect Practice, Copenhagen, Denmark

Primus arkitekter – Latest Design

COOP house, Sjælland, Denmark
Primus arkitekter
COOP house
photo : Simon Damholt

COOP house
The idea of a collective leisurehome sprung from a conversation between 4 friends. All considering bying or building a summerhouse, they feared that they would each just be sitting around waiting for the others to visit. The obvious alternative was joining forces and planning a large common project, with small units for each family and a large common space.

Primus arkitekter – Recent Design

Urban spaces at Carlsberg, Copenhagen, Denmark
Primus arkitekter / streetmovement
Urban Spaces Carlsberg
image : Primus arkitekter

Urban spaces at Carlsberg
Carlsberg breweries have moved their production from the historic site in central Copenhagen. The area has been opened up for urban development. The focus is on attracting urban life prior to the development of new buildings and infrastructure. Three urban spaces at Carlsberg close to Vesterbro.

Primus arkitekter – Key Project

Skybox House, Denmark
Primus architects, atelier + production
Skybox House
photograph : Tina Krogager

Skybox House
The project is situated by the coast of the north of Zealand, Denmark. With 2 bedrooms it offers a total of 75 m2 of living space. The plot is a partitioning of a larger plot belonging to an old thatched house and is partly enclosed by trees. The two buildings, inhabited by two generations, share the garden, and in the layout of the site plan attention has been given to providing both separate and common spaces.

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