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Modern UK Architect: 20th Century Scottish + English Building Projects

22 Jan 2017

Peter Womersley News

Peter Womersley Architect,
“Combining brutality and breezy optimism, the British architect Peter Womersley brought a purist’s beauty to small-town projects in the 60s and 70s. Now his virtuosic talents are being rediscovered”, reports Rowan Moore in The Guardian today.

Bernat Klein Studio in Selkirk by architect Peter Womersley:
Bernat Klein Studio in Selkirk by Peter Womersley architect
photograph : Rebecca Wober

Peter Womersley (1923-93) was, quite simply, one of the best British architects of the 20th century, and until recently one of the most overlooked. His buildings are adventurous but poised; lucid, brave in conception and considered in their detail.

Fairydean Stadium, Galashiels, Borders, Scotland:
Gala Fairydean Stadium in Galashiels by Peter Womersley architect
photo © Adrian Welch

He knew how to be elegant in a classical modern way but also how to play with a mannerism – a strange window rhythm, an imbalance in the structure, a stretched proportion, an ambiguous material – so as to achieve a greater composure than if he had played only by the rules.

Garleton Unit, Herdmanflat Hospital, Haddington, East Lothian, Scotland
Herdmanflat Hospital Haddington by Peter Womersley
photo © Adrian Welch

Rebecca Wober, an Edinburgh-based architect (Ed. a friend and former colleague of mine on the Scottish Parliament Building) who has done much to unearth his life and work, says he made “spaces that just sing”.

Sadly last summer an “exquisite house of his, perched like Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater over some coastal rocks” in Ayrshire was destroyed. Historic Scotland had not listed it.

Bernat Klein Studio in Scottish Borders by Peter Womersley architect:
Bernat Klein Studio in by architect Peter Womersley
photo : Rebecca Wober

Rebecca and her partner, architect Gordon Duffy, is currently striving to rescue a boiler house, designed by Womersley for a former mental hospital in Melrose, by carving five apartments out of the concrete building: Dingleton Boiler House Building in Melrose

source: Peter Womersley Architect

9 Aug 2016

A portrait of Womersley: a talk at the Mound in Edinburgh during the Festival, Edinburgh, Scotland

To coincide with the Scottish National Portrait Gallery Festival exhibition “Out of their Heads”, architect Rebecca Wober will be giving a talk on Peter Womersley – 20thC Architecture.

When: Wednesday 10th August, 12.45- 1.30pm
Where: Hawthornden lecture theatre, National Gallery of Scotland, The Mound, Edinburgh.

28 May 2012

Peter Womersley Building – Latest Addition

Garleton Unit, Herdmanflat Hospital, Haddington, East Lothian, Scotland
Herdmanflat Hospital Building
photo © Adrian Welch
Peter Womersley Building

Peter Womersley Architecture – Photos of Gala Stadium

Fairydean Stadium, Galashiels FC, Borders, Scotland
Peter Womersley Galashiels Scottish Borders Concrete Building
photo © Adrian Welch
Gala Fairydean Stadium
This building is designed in a similar architecture style to Meadowbank Stadium in Edinburgh. The raw shuttering of the concrete, the powerful angular forms and the focus on cantilever and buttresses in tension are dominant. This building was controversially listed by Historic Scotland in late 2006.

Peter Womersley Building – News

Farnley Hey, Huddersfield, England
Date built: 1955
For sale in Apr 2012
Website with sales details:
The residence has a Grade II listing. The unusual glass design of the house won widespread acclaim. This Modern house is located in a 1.2 acre plot

Peter Womersley Architect – Key Projects

Peter Womersley Scottish Projects

Health Centre, Kelso, Borders, Scotland
Group Practice building

Bernat Klein Studio, Selkirk, Borders, Scotland
now listed, for Yugoslavian textile designer

Bernat Klein Studio project, Scottish Borders, Scotland
Bernat Klein Studio
photo : Rebecca Wober
Peter Womersley house – Klein Studio

Dingleton Boiler House – redevelopment, Melrose, Scottish Borders, Scotland
Dingleton Boiler House
image : studio DuB
Dingleton Boiler House

Garleton Unit, Herdmanflat Hospital, Haddington, East Lothian, Scotland
Under refurbishment in 2012.

Monklands Leisure Centre, Bank Street, Langloan, Coatbridge
One of Womersley’s final projects, rather dull

Nuffield Transplantation Surgery Unit, Western General Hospital (WGH),
Crewe, Edinburgh, Scotland

Maggies Edinburgh
photo © Adrian Welch
The Nuffield Transplantation Surgery Unit was a sophisticated purpose-built unit for transplantation which aimed to provide a “germ-free” environment for transplant patients.

Peter Womersley Key Building

Farnley Hey, or Farnley Tyas, Huddersfield, 1952-55, by Peter Womersley:
Farnley Hey house was built by Law Stead, a building company owned by Peter Stead, Architect, 1922-99, known for modern & inspirational architecture proposals.

Location:Scottish Borders, Scotland

Peter Womersley Architect – Practice Information

Former English modernist architect practice

Peter Womersley Architect : British Architecture Practice

Peter Womersley (1923-93) was a British architect, known for his work in the modernist style.

This Modernist architect lived in the Scottish Borders.

He was influenced by the work of Frank Lloyd Wright and by the American Case Study Houses.

Stadium in Galashiels:
Fairydean Stadium Galashiels
photo © Adrian Welch

Another Modern Architect based in the UK with buildings in Scotland is Basil Spence

Modern Architects

Modern Houses
High & Over
photo : Morley von Sternberg

Bernat Klein Studio
This bold modern studio was voted 5th of the Best 100 Modern Scottish Buildings in Oct 2005. The building is being refurbished and redeveloped by Duffy & Batt Architects

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