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Peter and Alison Smithson: 20th Century British Architects Practice

Peter & Alison Smithson – Practice

Alison Smithson and Peter Smithson were exponents of the New Brutalism style in 20th Century British Architecture.

Alison Smithson (1928 – 1993)
born in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, northern England, UK.

Peter Smithson (1923 – 2003)
born in Stockton-On-Tees, north-east England, UK.

They met while studying architecture at Durham University, north east England, UK.

The couple married in 1949.

They initially worked for the London County Council architecture department.

They founded their architecture partnership in 1950.

Probably their most noted work is the austere Hunstanton School which appears in various books on Modern Architecture and English Architecture. However, more recently – due to the long-runnign controversy over possible demolition – their Robin Hood Gardens has become better known.

Key Projects by Peter and Alison Smithson

Featured Peter and Alison Smithson Building:

Robin Hood Gardens, Poplar, east London, UK

Robin Hood Gardens London
photo © Isabelle Lomholt
The Smithsons : Robin Hood Gardens
Robin Hood Gardens was a residential estate in Poplar, London designed in the late 1960s by this architects practice and completed in 1972. It was built as a council housing estate with homes spread across ‘streets in the sky’: social housing characterised by broad aerial walkways in long concrete blocks, much like the Park Hill estate in Sheffield; it was informed by, and a reaction against, Le Corbusier’s Unité d’Habitation. The estate was built by the Greater London Council,[2] but subsequently Tower Hamlets Council became the landlord.

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