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Tanmen Fishing Culture Centre and Museums, Hainan Province, Southern China

Design: Office for Architectural Culture (OAC)

Fishing Museums Building
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Tanmen Fishing Culture Centre and Museums – 19 Feb 2013

The London-based architectural practice Office for Architectural Culture (OAC) has completed the masterplan and architectural concept of the prestigious 650,000 sqm Tanmen International Oceanic Fishing Culture Centre and Museums project on the southern island of Hainan.

Charles Phu, Design Director / founder of Office for Architectural Culture, said: ‘this is one of the largest architectural and master plan projects in Asia focused around an important fishing village with a rich heritage. Our aim is to create ‘’a living museum’’ integrating the old and the new, visitors, local fishermen and fishing villagers, the Chinese and localised Western cultures. It brings together the sites history and heritage paving the way for a rich and prolonged future.’

More projects by Office for Architectural Culture online soon

Location:10 Rathbone Place, London