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UOL Edge Gallery, Singapore
Ministry of Design
Singapore Gallery Building
photo : CI&A Photography

UOL Edge Gallery Singapore – 20 Jul 2012
Singapore has been experiencing a residential condominium development boom in recent years and as a result, architects have been called upon to design a slew of temporary show gallery buildings to facilitate the display and sale of these developments. “Remarkably, instead of the rich design variety one may imagine emerging from such commissions, the majority of show gallery design has been woefully homogenous and formulaic – architecture comprising of awkwardly proportioned cubes of glass, plaster and timber with interior design independent from its architectural edifice, typically styled with uninhibited ostentation and cliched visions of luxury”.

Vanke Triple V Gallery, Tianjin, China
Architect: Ministry of Design
Tianjin Gallery Building
image from architects

Vanke Triple V Gallery – 20 Jul 2012
Designed as a permanent show gallery and tourist information center for China’s largest developer Vanke, MOD’s dramatic design for the TRIPLE V GALLERY has become an icon along the Dong Jiang Bay coastline. “Despite its obvious sculptural qualities, the building’s DNA evolved rationally from a careful analysis of key contextual & programmatic perimeters”.

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Location:20 Cross Street #03-01, Singapore 048422