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17 Aug 2018
The 2017 Pritzker Prize laureates RCR Arquitectes invite Mauro Turin to

teach in their XI International Workshop of Architecture and Landscape


From July 30 to August 17, 2018
Olot (Girona), Spain

RCR Arquitectes – Rafael Aranda, Carme Pigem, Ramon Vilalta

The Summer Workshop is born of a way of understanding Architecture and Landscape from a humanistic spirit. The coexistence in a space and time of different creative disciplines creates synergies for mutual enrichment between the parties.

XI International Workshop of Architecture and Landscape

Creativity must be at the origin of the concept, present at the initial moment where we give answer to the question we are asked, and should be shared by all the participants, being the common thread of the process. Everything results from creativity.

The workshop focuses on the living of a direct experience of the participants, showing the territory where the work of RCR Arquitectes is rooted, with the aim of understanding their relationship with the site and the landscape, to share and pass on an attitude to life, architecture and creativity, putting into practice their working methods.

Three exercises are proposed for building capacity to excel conceptually and being resolutely communicative in a short term. The exercises are accompanied by a teaching team of four architects and assistants. The Creative Atelier includes intern lectures, weekly reviews by RCR Arquitectes, and the optional participation in a module of the Dance Program for exploring the relation between body and space.

Open Program. An exhibition, a cycle of conferences and parallel activities, open to the public.

Excursions. Visit to built works by RCR Arquitectes.

RCR’s office: Espai Barberi
building by RCR Arquitectes

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Geneva Dance Pavilion, western Switzerland
Date: 2013
Geneva Dance Pavilion Building by Mauro Turin Architectes
image © Mauro Turin Architectes
Geneva Dance Pavilion – 9 Oct 2013
As the beginning of a representation is marked by the abstraction of the sound and the darkness, the beginning of the project is marked by the abstraction of the gutter of the Place Charles-Sturm. Real furrow that appears as an undeniable track of the site, it is capable of telling the entire story that took place on this ground where so many feet have already danced. And translate in an essential way a functional need into a physical object.

Locarno Film Festival Cinema Hall, southern Switzerland
Date: 2013
Locarno Film Festival Cinema Hall Building
image from architects studio
Locarno Film Festival Cinema Hall, southern Switzerland
The design of the future Cinema Hall was inspired by a strong urban vision; the will to create a building that is at the same time unique and harmonious, which refuses to be a stand-alone project by participating actively to the landscape of the city of Locarno.

Wine Museum in Lavaux, Lake Geneva
Date: 2012
Wine Museum Building
image from architects office
Wine Museum on Lake Geneva
A wine museum suspended on a rock, avoiding the sublime terraced vineyards, which becomes integrated to the landscape and offers a walk in the air allowing an unforgettable experience of Lavaux, Lake Geneva and the Alps could be the answer.

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