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Upper Duncan Estates, Mumbai, India
Mumbai Residential Building design by MAD(E) IN MUMBAI
image from architect
Upper Duncan Estates – 29 Nov 2012
The project deals with redevelopment of eighteen plots in the inner city of Mumbai, measuring almost 250m of length. The length of the site is expressed through a 250m long linear built form, which grows with acquisition of subsequent plots. The building expands over three phases leaving appropriate recreational grounds to handle the density of the development.

Major Building Design by MAD(E) IN MUMBAI

Barbecue Pavilion, Willingdon Sports club, Mumbai, India

Project Description

The project is a simple roof set in vast landscape of a Golf course in Mumbai. Being an extension to Willingdon Sports Club, it lies surrounded by cluster of old buildings with sloping roof-scape. The Project brief was to design a semi open pavilion, which extends the dining area of the club towards the landscaped Gardens. It was planned to house an informal Barbeque Pavilion where guests could gather for a quite meal and enjoy the breeze from Arabian Sea.

Willingdon Sports club building Barbeque Pavilion Mumbai Barbeque Pavilion

We imagined this piece of roof as a light fabric plane, almost about to take off towards the sky. It could be read as a bird, a kite, a floating feather, or just a roof. It leaves space for you to imagine the way you want. It continues the rhythm of surrounding sloping roof-scape, building a harmonious relationship with the existing built forms. The heaviness of the roof dematerialises into a translucent fabric plane, just about to float.

Willingdon Sports club building Barbeque Pavilion Mumbai Willingdon Sports club Mumbai

The roof is designed as four folding triangular planes that adapt to the edges of the patio. A magnificent Fur tree rises in the Patio, where the roof cranks to make space for its foliage to grow. The edge towards the Garden is kept free of columns leading to cantilevers that frame the view of the landscape. The structure spans white translucent fabric across the patio, filtering a milky light beneath.

Willingdon Sports club building Barbeque Pavilion Mumbai Willingdon Sports club Mumbai

Barbecue Pavilion Willingdon Sports Club – Building Information

Project Title: Barbeque Pavilion, Willingdon Sports club, Mumbai
Type: Landscape Architecture
Size: 2,200 sqft
Client: Willingdon Sports Club
Location: Mahalaksmi, Mumbai, India
Status: Completed
Date of Completion: Dec 2010
Project Cost: INR 15,00,000/-
Designed by: Made in Mumbai
Design Architects: Kalpit Ashar / Mayuri Sisodia
Project team: Kalpit Ashar, Mayuri Sisodia, Apurva Parikh and Rishi Barpujari
Structural Consultant: Satish Jain & Co Structural Engineers
Contractors: Vishwakarma Structural Works
Photo Courtesy: Sachin Vedak

Site of the pavilion at the Willingdon Sports club:
Willingdon Sports club
image from architect

Material Specifications
Frame work: M.S. Steel
Cladding: Ferrari E.T.F.E. Membrane

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Location:Wadala, Mumbai 400037, India ‘