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Leon Krier : Architecture

Contemporary Architect + New Urbanism Theorist, Europe

Léon Krier – Key Projects

Featured Buildings by Leon Krier, Architect and Urban Planner:

Poundbury Village Masterplan, Dorchester, Dorset, southwest England
Date built: 1993-
For Prince Charles’ Duchy of Cornwall Estate
Poundbury : controversial development in that Prince Charles had gone head-to-head with contemporary architecture in the eighties and this was his first and to this day most important fruition of his traditionalist beliefs. Suburban cul-de-sacs are eschewed in favour of traditional streets. In many ways the spaces and the way buildings relate to the street are pretty successful and its good for the status quo to be challenged. There are other British projects that have challenged issues surrounding street/building edge, for example the Donnybrook Quarter in east London by Peter Barber Architects. The neoclassical styling of Poundbury seems regressive to many but seems popular amongst those who live there.

Novoli Masterplan – former Fiat site, Florence, Italy
Date built: 1993-
Design with Gabetti & Isola

Seaside – house in resort village, Florida, USA

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