LDA.iMdA – architetti associati

LDA.iMdA Architects, Building, Florence Design Studio, Archittetti Firenze, Practice

LDA.iMdA associated architects, Italia : Studio di Architettura

Contemporary Architecture Studio, Firenze, Italy

LDA.iMdA – architetti associati

Archittetti Italia, Firenze

Design studio located in San Miniato, Pisa, Italia

7 Feb 2012

LDA.iMdA associated architects – Latest Design

Artwood Showroom, Florence, Italy
LDA.iMdA architects
Artwood Showroom Building
photograph from architect

Artwood Showroom

An abandoned warehouse and the need of bringing inside a new contemporary world are the reasons for a new reinterpretaion of the unused space.

“Second life” is a philosophical (but not only) reinterpretation that allows the use and the improvement of the neglected buildings inventing their new life, therefore giving them a second chance.

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Location:Via XXIV Maggio, 56024 San Miniato, Pisa, Italy ‘