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TLV Forum Building – Israel architecture competition
Tel-Aviv White City Forum Building
image from architect
TLV Forum Building
Tel-Aviv White City Forum project is an Exhibitions Center, and is part of the huge Tel- Aviv Wholesale Market Project currently under construction, comprising thousands apartments, a mall, a school and a sports complex. The project, located in the city center, is built on the grounds of the former market, recently removed to the outskirts. The Forum will be a platform for genuine urban celebration. This will create a place that provides an exciting urban experience, attracting the public not only to exhibitions but also to its diverse and bustling urban space.

Kimmel Eshkolot Architects – Key Projects

Featured Buildings by Kimmel Eshkolot Architects, alphabetical:

Beit Halochem, Be’er Sheva, Negev Desert, southern Israel
Date built:-
Beit Halochem Israeli Veterans' Home Be'er Sheva
photograph © Adrian Welch
Beit Halochem – 13 May 2013 – new images + review
The concept of the Israeli Veterans’ building, explained to me by the architect, was five ‘rocks’ in the desert with an overarching roof. Each ‘rock’ is a wing of the building and the intervening spaces are cloaked with a timber-lined soffit. Evaluating the design was hindered by a huge amount of clutter but in general the building seems to work though I found reading the layout from the entry and the foyer slightly difficult, the ‘rocks’ metaphor doesn’t quite work for me.

Kiryat Hamemshala, Jerusalem, Israel
Date built:-

Davidson Museum, Archaeological Park near the Western Wall, Jerusalem, Israel
Date built:-

Memorial Center for Israeli military casualties, Mount Herzl, Israel
Date built:-

The Steinhardt Museum of Nature, Tel-Aviv University, Israel
Date built:-

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Location:27 Chelouche Street, Tel Aviv, Israel