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6 May 2011

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Modernism at English Sea-side in Kent

John Lyall Architects receive planning permission for Chatham’s Historic Wharf for a site owned & developed by Medway Council, Kent and A2 Dominion Housing as well as the Watts Charity.

The Medway waterfront at Holborn Wharf is tantalisingly close to Chatham’s High Street and the Town Centre. Most residues of site industry from the 19th century long since cleared and the site for many years has held no physical charms, and is better known locally today for its public car park.

Holborn Wharf
picture from architect

This Planning Application represents an energetic and carefully considered initiative to bring public activity and historic lanes down to the waterfront itself, and create a ‘sense of place’ along the line of the historic wharf. A truly mixed-use development is proposed which brings together new apartments – including social housing, hotel, leisure and business activities for locals and visitors alike. The shops and restaurants will not be on a scale to compete with Chatham High Street, and that is not the intention. However, the proposed scheme will create a lively ‘destination’, which will attract people to stay, have a meal or drink and enjoy the views of the river. Commercial tenancies and site management will ensure there is activity on the site throughout the day, evenings and the whole week.

Future phases, which are also outlined in the design and access statement, suggest the scale and massing of compatible development on the adjacent Staples site, a smaller water pumping station and a refurbishment of the Sun Pier. Also in accordance with Medway’s adopted master plan, some modest-sized development on the South side of Medway Street is envisaged to eventually happen. This development scheme integrates sites owned by Medway Council, A2 Dominion Housing and the Watts Charity. It will also anticipate the future requirements of adjoining owners.

The scheme is well serviced and easily accessible. It will also incorporate its own car parking. Above all it will provide a safe, attractive, animated waterfront landscape for the pedestrian: with places to sit and enjoy watching the world go by. The scheme is the first key piece in the Chatham Waterfront ‘jigsaw’ which will provide a street layout and massing concept enabling residents and visitors to enjoy the open space and views of the river and surrounding hills. The scheme will provide an on-going strategy for subsequent regeneration, whilst enhancing the already valued Waterfront Park and Sun Pier area.

John Lyall – Key Projects

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photo : Richard Bryant
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image from Olympic Delivery Authority
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