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John Lautner Architect Film

Modern Architecture in California, USA

John Lautner Film – American Architecture

90 min epic on the architecture of John Lautner

World Premiere – Palm Springs Film Festival, USA
12 Jan 2009

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Sean Connery + Murray Grigor
Sean Connery + Murray Grigor

The Architecture of John Lautner

director: Murray Grigor
producers: Sara Sackner + Anna Thomas
director of photography: Hamid Shams
editor: Sara Sackner
composer: Elliott Goldkind
consultants: Frank Escher + Nicholas Olsberg

John Lautner Architect

Sean Connery + Hamid Shams
Sean Connery + Hamid Shams

The Cast includes:

Sean Connery: actor
Karol Lautner Peterson: daughter
Frank Gehry: architect
Julia Strickland: architect in Lautner’s office
Helena Arahuete: architect in Lautner’s office
Judith Lautner: daughter / worked in Lautner’s office
Frank Escher: architect / author / Lautner expert
Julius Shulman: photographer

Photos by Sara Sackner

Marbrisa, Acapulco, Mexico:
Marbrisa house

Chemosphere, Los Angeles, California, USA

Turner House, Aspen, Colorado, USA
Turner House Aspen

Pearlman Cabin, Idyllwild, California, USA
Murray Grigor, director; Hamid Shams, director of photography; Jack Hodgkins, jib operator
Pearlman Cabin

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John Lautner Film – Screening

Glasgow Film Festival, Scotland
Feb 21 2009

John Lautner Exhibition, Glasgow Lighthouse, Scotland
opened 19 Mar 2009

Californian Architecture

American Houses

Modern Homes
Frank Lloyd Wright House
photo : Biff Henrich / courtesy MHRC

John Lautner Houses – Film / Media Appearances

The Chemosphere: Body Double – Brian De Palma
The Chemosphere: Grand Theft Auto, San Andreas (Video game)
Elrod Residence: Diamonds Are Forever (James Bond film, 1971)

Frank Lloyd Wright architect

RIAS 2000 Exhibition
Curated by Murray Grigor, designed by Adrian Welch: RIAS Festival Exhibition

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American Architect

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