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Contemporary Architect Practice Vigo, Spain, Europe: Spanish Architecture Studio

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Featured Buildings by irisarri + piñera arquitectos, alphabetical:

Fishermen warehouses in the port of Cangas de Onís, Asturias, northwest of Spain
Date built: –
Fishermen Warehouses Cangas
picture from architects
Fishermen Warehouses Cangas
The project emerges in a place where nature and buildings meet, the city as a vital space with the port as infrastructure, city architecture and engineering as a strange look, contemporary evolution to a begining where human settlements, so as to obtain their resources, reflected the specific conditions of each place and time.

Redondela house, Pontevedra, Spain
Date built: 2006
Redondela house Pontevedra
photo : Manuel G. Vicente, Jesús Irisarri, Juan Rodríguez, Angel Baltanás
Redondela house
Our first to the site-deep and narrow, on a steep slope, suspended above the estuary and the distant ocean horizon, with Vigo city below-led to a desire to maintain the commanding views of the landscape at the entrance level and make the house itself the means to descend from this situation to the allotment´s base level, with all the nuances brought into view by these different heights.

University of Pontevedra Campus, Pontevedra, Spain
Date built: 2008
University of Pontevedra Campus Building
photograph : Manuel González Vicente
Pontevedra Campus

Muros Health Center, Muros, Spain
Date built: 2007

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Location:Calle del Dr Cadaval, 6, 36202 Vigo, Pontevedra, Spain