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9 Oct 2013

Information Based Architecture News

On Saturday 12 October 2013, a new documentary about the office and tower in China will have its world premiere as part of the Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam.

On 29 October 11pm the same film will be broadcasted by AVRO Close up on Dutch TV

Note: language is Dutch and partly Chinese, with English undertitles

‘Reaching for the Sky’

Guangzhou TV tower:
Canton Tower Building
image from Information Based Architecture

een film van Bert Oosterveld en Peter Franken

in wereldpremière tijdens het Architectuur Film Festival in Rotterdam

Op zaterdag 12 oktober 2013 Aanvang: 17:30u Bioscoop Lantarenvenster Otto Reuchlinweg 996 Rotterdam

De jonge Nederlandse architect Mark Hemel wint samen met zijn vrouw Barbara Kuit een architectuurprijsvraag en ontwerpt in Guangzhou de hoogste televisietoren ter wereld. Zijn droom om een icoon te bouwen wordt werkelijkheid. Deze toren zal zijn visitekaartje worden en geeft hem wellicht de mogelijkheid om naar China te verhuizen, een land waar nog wel ruimte is voor bijzondere ideeën. Maar naarmate de bouw van de toren vordert volgen er teleurstellingen.

‘Reaching for the Sky’ is een openhartig verslag over de persoonlijke en professionele dilemma’s van Mark Hemel die met zijn eerste grote opdracht afwisselend pijnlijk geconfronteerd en aangenaam gecharmeerd wordt door de Chinese wijze van architectuur bedrijven en projecten uitvoeren.

Deze film is tot stand gekomen met steun van het Stimuleringsfonds voor de Architectuur en het Nederlands Consulaat Generaal in Guangzhou

Op dinsdag 29 oktober om 23:00u wordt de korte versie van Reaching for the Sky uitgezonden bij AVRO Close Up

Information Based Architecture (IBA) was originally set up in London in 1998 as a partnership between architects Mark Hemel and Barbara Kuit. Using the newest technologies the practice challenges conventional thinking and seeks to exploit new opportunities to enrich our cities with conceptually interesting, and well thought through environmentally responsible architecture.

IBA’s name is translated into Chinese as; 信基. (xin 4) (ji 1): meaning trustworthy architecture founded on information

Information Based Architecture specializes in large-scale architectural and urban projects. Having won several high profile competitions, the most famous one being the design for the Guangzhou TV-tower. IBA can be typified as both ‘experimental’ and ‘progressive’. Information Based Architecture constantly attempts to extend the boundaries of artistic design, while also introducing the newest digital technologies. The work was published and exhibited widely. In 2002 they were short listed for the Young Architects of the Year Award in the United Kingdom. They have received support by the Dutch Department of Trade and Industry and received several encouragement-grants by the Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture.

Currently based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, IBA continues its work on both large and small projects in Europe and Asia. The work includes urban master-planning, architecture, landscaping and furniture design.

Mark Hemel teaches at the Architectural Association in London where he has been Unit-master since 1999, and a design tutor in the Environment & Energy Program. Before setting up practice, Barbara Kuitworked as a local architect on projects of Philippe Starck in London; (the Sanderson and St Martin’s Lane hotels), and subsequently worked for several years for Zaha Hadid on many projects among which; the Mind Zone in the Millennium Dome, London, the Contemporary Arts Center in Rome and Wolfsburg Science Center in Germany.

Information Based Architecture – Key Buildings

Guangzhou TV Station

Guangzhou TV Station
image : Information Based Architecture
Guangzhou TV Station

Guangzhou TV tower
Canton Tower
photo : Information Based Architecture
Guangzhou TV tower

X-treme Sports Centre

Guangzhou Velodrome
image : Information Based Architecture
Guangzhou Velodrome

Location:Stavangerweg 890 / 29.1013 AX Amsterdam