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Henri Labrouste, Architect, Parisian Building, Bibliotheque Nationale, France, Designs

Henri Labrouste, Paris : Architecture

19th Century French Architect Practice – famous for the Bibliotheque Nationale

Henri Labrouste – Key Projects

Diriger aux Bâtiments de Paris

Bibliotheque Nationale / French National Library
Location: Quai François-Mauriac 75706, Paris XIIIe
Date: 1862-68

A key Paris building that appears in most histories of world architecture. The Reading Room is noted for its advanced construction, using iron frame for its structure.
The materials of this important building included bearing masonry, iron columns, terra cotta vaults and a truss roof.

The architect Labrouste was appointed in 1854.

Following a series of regime changes in France, it became the Imperial National Library and in 1868 was moved to newly constructed buildings on the Rue de Richelieu designed by Henri Labrouste. Upon Labrouste’s death in 1875 the library was further expanded, including the grand staircase and the Oval Room, by academic architect Jean-Louis Pascal.

In 1988, President François Mitterrand announced the construction and the expansion of one of the largest and most modern libraries in the world, intended to cover all fields of knowledge, and designed to be accessible to all, using the most modern data transfer technologies, which could be consulted from a distance, and which would collaborate with other European libraries.

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