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Community of emptiness, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Amstelland Development Rotterdam
image from architects
Hans Moor Architects : Oosterhof Development
The concept for the ‘community or emptiness’ was developed as an economic idea. The two sides of the building consist of a number of floors (change 3 to 4) of which the height of these floors were reduced locally, so more M2 arises.

Nesselande Station + ‘Absence of Light’ Bridge, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Absence of Light Bridge
photo © Maarten Laupman
Hans Moor building : Dutch station building
The bridge is constructed from concrete in combination with glass ‘dots’. These units, which were specially developed by a supplier of glass and light, are made entirely of glass through which daylight travels and makes the space lighter under the bridge during daytime.

Palladio Feedback, The Netherlands
House Prototype Netherlands
image from architects
House Prototype
The research for Palladio Feedback started with participation in a contest for a house. The theme of the contest was ‘elementary’ building. Elementary building can be looked at from different angles. It could be a cheaper way of building (more economical). Or maybe the word ‘elementary’ was to mean the opposite of complex.

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Architect studio based in Holland.

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Hatert Tower Building
photograph © Boris Zeisser

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