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GBA: Contemporary Architectural Practice, London, England, UK

Gianni Botsford – Key Projects

Featured Building by this architectural practice:

casa kike – House, Cahuita, Costa Rica, Central America
Date built: 2007
House for the architect’s father

Gianni Botsford house : casa kike

The main structure sits on a timber base, raised on the stilts. These rest on small concrete pad foundations, poured into individual pits. This method, along with much of the project has gleaned from the local labour force. GBA has also taken reference from native building styles and materials, rather than the western-influenced architecture favoured by wealthier Costa Ricans.

Gianni Botsford Architects & Designers – Awards for Costa Rican house

Winner of RIBA international award
Winner of the RIBA Lubetkin prize – most outstanding building outside the EU

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