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Federico Soriano – Key Projects

Featured Buildings by S&Aa : Soriano & Arquitectos Asociados, alphabetical:

Eco Chimneys, Madrid, Spain
Date: 2009-
Eco Chimneys Madrid design by Federico Soriano
image from Federico Soriano
Eco Chimneys Madrid

Extension of Euskalduna Palace, Bilbao, Basque Country, north east Spain
Date: 2009-
Euskalduna Palace Bilbao building design by Soriano & Arquitectos Asociados
image from Federico Soriano
Euskalduna Palace

Malaga Auditorium, Malaga, Costa del Sol, southern Spain
Date built: –
Malaga Auditorium interior design by Federico Soriano architect
image from Federico Soriano
Malaga Auditorium

ONA Tower & SOCOL Building, Barcelona, Catalunya, eastern Spain
Date built: 2006
Torre ONA
image from Federico Soriano
Torre ONA

Paleontology and Human Evolution Museum, Murcia, south east Spain
Date built:-
Murcia Museum
image : Estudio Malla
Murcia Museum

Plaza Bizkaia Office Building, Bilbao, Basque Country, north east Spain
Date built: 2006
Plaza Bizkaia Office Bilbao
photograph : Alberto Cubas
Plaza Bizkaia Office Building

San Pelayo School, Ermua, Biscay, Basque Country, north east Spain
Date built: 2007
San Pelayo School
photograph : Alberto Cubas
Ermua School

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Location: Madrid, Spain, western Europe

Architects Practice Information

Estudio de arquitectura Federico Soriano y Asociados – based in Madrid, Spain

Federico Soriano Pelaéz

1986 Architect at E.T.S.A.M. (Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid)
1991-1993 Director of Arquitectura magazine of the Official Architectural Association of Madrid
1992 Foundation with Dolores Palacios of the architectural office S&Aa
1994-2006 Director and Editor of Fisuras de la cultura contemporánea magazine
2002 Doctor Architect at E.T.S.A.M
2005-2005 William Lyon Sommerville Lectureship
2010 President of “Movimiento encoger” Association

Teaching experience

1990-2004 Associated professor at E.T.S.A.M., UPM
2004- Professor and responsible of Teaching Unit 25 at E.T.S.A.M., UPM
1999-2005 Project Design professor at ESARQ-UIC
2000 Project Design Invited Professor at E.T.S.A. Navarra University
2001 Project Design Invited Professor at E.T.S.A. Alicante
2001 Project Design Invited Professor at Ferrara University
2005 William Lyon Sommmerville Charrette. University of Caglary
2006, 2007 Invited Professor at Chile Central University
2008-2010 Professor at Architectural School of Alghero, University of Sassary

Latest Prizes for S&Aa

2008 Vía Arquitectura Award 2007.
2003 Premio extraordinario de Tesis Doctoral
2003 Apex Award “Word Best Congress Center 2003”. Euskalduna Jauregia. Bilbao.
2001 First Enric Miralles Architecture Prize. Spanish Council of Architects. Eskalduna Jauregia
1996 Thirty Nine Award. Academy of Architecture Arts & Science, California, USA.

Latest Competition Awards

2008 1st Prize. Design of Urban integration of Thermal Power Station
2008 1st Prize. Malaga Auditorium international competition
2007 Runner-up. Criminal Court Building international competition. Campus de la Justicia. Madrid
2007 Runner-up. Civic Court Building internacional competition. Campus de la Justicia. Madrid
2007 Mention. Idea contest for the Spanish Pavilion. Expo Shanghai 2010
2007 Runner-up. City of Madrid International Convention Center competition
2003 3rd Prize. Urban design of the Houston Stadium-Plaza area. Isla Chica. Huelva
2003 2nd Prize. Technological Center. Digital City León
2002 1st Prize. Office Building Idea contest, Plaza Bizkaia, Bilbao, Basque Government
2001 1st Prize. Laminar Tower Diagonal-Glòries Competition. Barcelona Town Hall
2000 1st Prize. Santa María Church surrounds urban remodeling idea contest, Mungía Town Hall, Basque Country

Spanish Architecture

Madrid Architect

Spanish Architecture

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Architecture Books by this Design Studio

Published books by Federico Soriano

Soriano, Federico.- “100 Hipermínimos. 100 Hyperminimals” Madrid. Ricardo S. Lampreave. 2009.
(ISBN 978-613-1737-0)

Soriano, Federico.- “Útiles inútiles”. Madrid. Fisuras de la Cultura Contemporánea. 2009. (ISBN

Soriano, Federico.- “Sin_ tesis“ Barcelona. Gustavo Gili. 2004. (ISBN 84-252-1525-0)

Gausa, Guallart, Muller, Soriano, Morales, Porras.- “Diccionario de la arquitectura avanzada”.
Barcelona. Actar. 2001.

Santacana, Amadeu, edt,. “Es pequeño, llueve dentro y hay hormigas”. Barcelona. Actar. 2000.
(Ed. Inglés. Santacana, Amadeu, edc.- “It’s small, it rains inside and it’s got ants”. Barcelona.
Actar. 2000.)

Soriano, Federico, Palacios, Dolores.- “El buque fantasma…de Wagner, naturalmente”

Libro 1. Memorias /Memoirs Libro 2. Dibujos /Drawings Libro 3. Radiografías / Radiographies

Libro 4. Recorridos /Itineraries Libro 5. Cuentos /Tales.” Colección exjertos C. Madrid. Fisuras
de la cultura contemporánea. 2000.

Soriano, Federico, Porras-Isla, Fernando, edts.- “Ricardo Lorenzo. 1927-1989.” Madrid. Edt.
Circus. Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Cantabria. 1990.

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