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León Biopharmaceutical Facilities Building, Spain
estudio SIC
Biopharmaceutical Facilities León
photograph from architect

Planta Biofarmaceutica León
A technological and pragmatic space in the same place. A building which explores sustainable technological connections between the most efficient shape, comfort and rapid qualities, reversible and functional construction. The headquarters, as the company main visible section, are located in a privileged position within the site, offering maximum visibility. Two scales of the proposal are evaluated: closest view more static and the dynamic remote one from the high-speed train.

Estudio SIC Architects – Key Projects

Featured Buildings, alphabetical:

Espacio Vias León, León, Spain
Espacio VIAS León
picture from architect
Espacio VIAS

estudio SIC

The young estudio SIC (formerly estudio fam) architectural office is located in Madrid.

Recently the members of [SIC] office have been considered as the second best up and coming architecture office under 40 of the spanish “Top 10”, within the international selection for emerging architecture, done by the prestigious website NIB.

[SIC] is the collaboration of three founding members: Esau Acosta Pérez, Mauro Gil-Fournier Esquerra and Miguel Jaenicke Fontao, architects licensed by the School of Architecture in Madrid. They have been working together since 2002.

[SIC] – Key Past Projects

Featured Buildings, alphabetical:

Bodega Tarragona, Spain
Bodega Tarragona
image from architect
FAM Arquitectura y Urbanismo : Tarragona Winery

Madrid Architecture Competition
Madrid Architecture Competition
image from architect
Estudio FAM : COAM Building

Madrid Train Bombings Monument, Atocha Building, Spain
Madrid Memorial Building
image from architect
Madrid Memorial Building

San Cristóbal church Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain
San Cristóbal church Tenerife
image from architect
Estudio FAM : church Building

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