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Chapman Taylor Architects + Conceb : Cooperation

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12 Feb 2009

Conceb / Chapman Taylor Architects – Key Projects

Cooperation agreement opens up Brazilian architectural horizons

As of 1st February 2009, award-winning international architects, Chapman Taylor, and Conceb, a Brazilian developer, have agreed to combine their capabilities to secure and procure project opportunities in Brazil.

Conceb is based in Camboriu, in the affluent state of Santa Catarina, located to the South of São Paulo. They have some 15 years of experience working on residential and commercial developments.

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This partnership will integrate Chapman Taylor’s design expertise with Conceb’s local experience and understanding of the market. Chapman Taylor’s Madrid office will undertake the design and technical development aspects of projects, while Conceb will handle the management and development aspects of the work.

Today, Brazil is the tenth largest economy in the world, with a population of 190 million people. Brazilian architecture is rich in multi-cultural tradition. Cultural sensitivity and respect for the environment are amongst Chapman Taylor’s core values, reflected in their projects in each place they work in. That, and the quality of their design, has been the cornerstone of Chapman Taylor’s success, recently recognised by the International Trade Award.

Chapman Taylor Director, Elbio Gomez, says, “The economic statistics and forecasts for Brazil are very positive and we hope that Chapman Taylor, with our new partners Conceb, will be able to play an increasing and rewarding role in the country’s growth and prosperity, adding value to its architectural landscape and creating sustainable environments that people enjoy.’

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