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1 Oct 2013 – INGLASS Warsaw 2014 – guest speakers include
– arch. Juan Coll-Barreu, Coll-Barreu Arquitectos, Spain

14 Jun 2013 – Three buildings located in Bilbao (Spain) recently finished by this architecture studio:

Policemen House, Bilbao
Policemen House Bilbao Policemen House Bilbao
photos : Aleix Bagué
Offices, Labs, Infrastructure
From the site dense urban length is visible, squeezed on the narrow and deep banks of the river. Also visible is the green landscape, with water and vertical slopes that confine the city and compress it against the estuary.
The rainy atmosphere seems to lie dormant on the site. The land, the nearby hills, the city in front and below, the mountains from the opposite bank and even the moist air come together in an almost complete continuity, as if they were the same subject.
Policemen House’s concatenated planes are perceived from distant areas and set up a close relationship with the steep topography of the slope.
The building accommodates the central Public Safety services for a one million people urban area.
Probably, both houses could be not only metaphorically interchangeable through their high cord.

Firemen House, Bilbao
Firemen House Bilbao Firemen House Bilbao
Offices, Infrastructure
The soil itself is unstable. It is uncertain. It is the result of having quickly filled an open mine, with pits up to 50 m deep, which formed a cavernous place in its physical reality and its memory.
Upstream, other mine sites have been transformed, also visible from the site, which confirm the history of this exchange between matter and soil, the life of the city and that of men, the densification of the territory and the air. Above this vacillating place, buildings do not have any mass. Folded aluminum sheets acquire enough inertia to be supported in the air.
The inner areas of the Firemen House are emptied towards the valley. At the same time, like the old fire stations, they take the public presence of the building to a new and large urban square.
The building accommodates the central Civil Protection services for a one million people urban area.
In these buildings, there is still a reference to some industrial constructions, those building-machines or process decanters that have transformed the history of the city and set off the lives of its people.

Textured Tower, Bilbao
2012 |
Textured Tower Bilbao Textured Tower Bilbao
Sport, Community
A vertical decision. The tower at its plant intensifies the vertical folds. It is compressed to not fill the air, as the “thin figures” of Giacometti.
Inside, the tower is extremely tough and Spartan, built with concrete and galvanized or lacquered steel. Multiple mobile filters separate the outside of the interior through deep apertures.
Concrete formwork has been hoisted and assembled with industrialized procedures but the external molds have been handmade, so each point of the surface responds to a manual activity, then the envelope feels to be alive.

20 + 14 Jun 2012


English text:
A theoretical project completed by COLL-BARREU ARQUITECTOS: Buildingman. “…He is perhaps better full of windows, open. He is so a human mountain full of people. He is the city against itself, which has already acquired the form of man by dint of losing the identity of monument, of building, of house, of Architecture…”

New images:

Buildingman Buildingman Buildingman

Spanish text:
Un proyecto teórico de COLL-BARREU ARQUITECTOS: Buildingman. “…Quizá es mejor repleto de ventanas, abierto. Es así una montaña humana llena de habitantes. La ciudad contra sí misma, que ya ha adquirido la forma de hombre a fuerza de perder la identidad de monumento, de edificio, de casa, de Arquitectura…”

Buildingman Buildingman Building Buildingman Building design

COLL-BARREU ARQUITECTOS – Latest Building Additions

Basque Health Department Headquarters in Bilbao, north east Spain

Basque Health Department Headquarters Bilbao Building
photo : Aleix Bagué
Basque Health Department Headquarters
The new Basque Health Department headquarters is located at the last site that still remained unbuilt on the administrative and Business Center of Bilbao. Up to now, the institution was suffering the spread of its staff in several buildings, hardly recognizable by citizens, away from each other and uncomfortable for both users and technical services.

La Peña Multi-Sport Pavilion, north east Spain
La Peña Sport Pavilion
photo : Aleix Bagué
La Peña Multi-Sport Pavilion
La Peña is one of the areas that suffered more from Bilbao’s post-industrial restructuring. For most of the twentieth century, the area was an open pit mining surrounded by dwellings for workers. The city keeps its shape of a narrow and curve bank between an open cast mining and a natural abrupt slope hillside, profoundly affected by the industrialization. The sport complex must support the social transformation of the zone and it is actually the only public facility of the neighborhood.


E8 Building, Alava, Vitoria, northeast Spain
E8 Building
photo : Aleix Bagué
E8 Building
The E8 Building was the result of an ideas competition.
It is an office building, linked to the presence of the hill forest, in apparent homage to the natural environment of Technology Park of Alava, Vitoria, Basque Country, north east Spain.


Featured Buildings by COLL-BARREU ARQUITECTOS, alphabetical:

City of Jaca Hockey Arena Building, Huesca, north east Spain
City of Jaca Hockey Arena Building
photo : Aleix Bagué
City of Jaca Hockey Arena
The City of Jaca Hockey Arena has been the most representative facility of the European Youth Olympic Festival of Jaca 2007, the first Olympic event in the Pyrenees.
Two ice rinks allow the pavilion to celebrate hockey, figure skating, short track and curling competitions, being simultaneously a recreational ice center. The building has reinforced the relevance of the ice in the city of Jaca.

Software & Biotechnology Plant, Derio, Bilbao, north east Spain
Software and Biotechnology plant Bilbao
photo : Aleix Bagué
Planta de Software y Biotecnología
New building, Software and Biotechnology plant in Parque Tecnológico of Derio, Bilbao, Spain. This is an industrial complex, close to Bilbao, done as a result of two idea competitions. The Technology Park is a center of high technology industries turns 25 in 2010. For guidelines last phase of industrial growth decided to build two new buildings for research and production, respectively, computing and biotechnology. Both of them should work in complete independence, although the plan was considered in a unified way.

More projects by COLL-BARREU ARQUITECTOS online soon

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