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Clorindo Testa : Architecture

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Clorindo Testa – Key Projects

Major Argentine Project:

Bank of London & South America, Buenos Aires
Date built: 1959

Key Projects, alphabetical:

Biblioteca Nacional de la República Argentina, Argentina

Homenaje a Clorindo Testa por Croquiseros Urbanos from Biblioteca Nacional on Vimeo – short film about this key Argentine building:

Campus Universidad del Salvador, Auditorio, Argentina

Casa Capotesta, Argentina

Casa La Tumbona, Argentina

Centro Cultural De La Ciudad De Buenos Aires, Argentina

Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires ampliación, Argentina

Hospital Naval, Argentina

The National Library of the Argentine Republic, barrio of Recoleta, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Spanish: Biblioteca Nacional de la República Argentina
This building is the largest library in the country.
The brutalist structure was designed in 1961, though construction did not begin until 1971. The new library was inaugurated in April 1992.

The successive changes in government leadership and bureaucracies, along with certain indifferences towards cultural matters were factors that delayed the project originally envisioned by the architectural team of Clorindo Testa, Francisco Bullrich, and Alicia Cazzaniga. The library’s architectural style also called brutalism is usually a cause for questioning and study by architecture students. At the same time of the new building, the need for a trained staff in library science led to the creation of the National School of Librarians whose first term started during Borges’ tenure in 1957 at the Mexico Street building.
source: wikipedia

La Perla Spa (Balneario La Perla), Argentina

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