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Claude Nicholas Ledoux – French Architect

Late 18th Century French Architecture

Claude Ledoux – Key Projects

Major Project by Ledoux

Salines de Chaux, Arc-et-Senans, France
Masterplan + buildings planning

Ledoux – the Architect

Claude Nicholas Ledoux
Born in Dormans-sur-Marne, France; died in Paris, France

Ledoux buildings are characterised by a strongly articulated Mannerist style, using the Classical Style with a similar flexibility to Piranesi and Boullee.

Unlike earlier Italian Mannerist buildings his work is simpler and bolder with Classical columns using repetitive square sections being a recurring motif.

Paris Building by Claude Ledoux

The newly renovated Rotonde de la Villette.

Designed by Claude Ledoux as a tollhouse in the 1780s, the Rotonde is considered by many as a precursor of modern architecture.

It was restored in 2010 and now houses a café-restaurant, thus allowing the public into the building.

Rotonde de la Villette – designed by Claude Ledoux as a tollhouse:
Rotonde de la Villette Rotonde de la Villette Paris Rotonde de la Villette Building
photos : Rebecca Breun

Architecture by Claude Ledoux

Ledoux Buildings Designs, chronological

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Theatre, Besançon, France

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