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Arkitekter, Jylland, Danmark

Christensen & Co arkitekter – Key Projects

Key Projects by Christensen & Co architects, alphabetical:

Albano University Campus, Stockholm, Sweden
Albano University Campus
image from Christensen & Co arkitekter
Albano University Campus Stockholm
The new Campus Albano is located immediately next to the Stockholm Archipelago in the northern part of Stockholm City and will form a connection between the two current universities; the Royal Institute of Technology and the University of Stockholm.

Green Lighthouse, Copenhagen, Denmark
Green Lighthouse Copenhagen
image from Christensen & Co arkitekter
Green Lighthouse Copenhagen
Green Lighthouse, Denmark’s first CO2 neutral public building, is a faculty building at the Faculty of Science at the University of Copenhagen. The building has multiple purposes including teaching facilities, student advisory, administration and faculty lounge. It demonstrates that sustainable design is not a question of stuffing the building with brazen, expensive high-tech gadgets, but that it starts with good old fashioned common sense. In fact, 75% of the reduction of the energy consumption is the direct consequence of architectural design.

Novum BioCity, Stockholm, Sweden
Novum BioCity
image from Christensen & Co arkitekter
Novum BioCity Stockholm
The aim here is to make a creative environment, where the building creates possibilities for researchers and laboratory staff to meet, create synergies and explore areas of mutual interest across the disciplines. The building becomes a hub for research- and hospital activity, an arena for research and development and a living venue for researchers, laboratory staff and the public.

Twister Tower, Copenhagen, Denmark
Twister Tower Design
image from Christensen & Co arkitekter
Twister Tower

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Location:Bragesgade 10b, DK-2200 København N, Denmark ‘

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Architect studio based in Jutland

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Green Lighthouse:
Green Lighthouse Copenhagen
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KPMG Copenhagen Building
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