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7 Apr 2017


CEBRA Architects News, Denmark

CEBRA consolidates its management – A new CEBRA partner and three associates

From April 2017, architect MAA Mikkel Hallundbæk Schlesinger enters the group of partners, which will then consist of the three founding partners Mikkel Frost, Carsten Primdahl, Kolja Nielsen and new partner Mikkel Hallundbæk Schlesinger.

CEBRA Architects
photo courtesy of architects

Mikkel Schlesinger has been employed at CEBRA since 2003 and has through the years acted as Lead Design Manager on numerous significant CEBRA projects such as the Iceberg and Experimentarium. Since 2015, Mikkel has been living in Abu Dhabi, where he managed CEBRA’s Abu Dhabi Office. The office has experienced positive growth with a series of exciting cultural and school projects in the region. Mikkel now returns to Denmark, where he as new CEBRA partner shall continue to contribute to the company’s international profile.

Mikkel Schlesinger obtained his architecture degree from the Aarhus School of Architecture in 1999 and worked at 3XN from 1999-2003.

Appointing three Associates
Besides consolidating the CEBRA management with a new partner the company appoints architects Lars Gemynthe Gylling, Thomas Bang Madsen and Flemming Svendsen as Associates. The position increases their representative function and in addition, they shall contribute to intensify CEBRA’s project and business development.

CEBRA is a Danish architectural office founded in 2001 by the architects Mikkel Frost, Carsten Primdahl and Kolja Nielsen. Based in Aarhus in Denmark and in Abu Dhabi in the UAE, CEBRA employs a multidisciplinary international staff of 50, who all share a strong passion for architecture.

At CEBRA we want to change the way to think, design and build architecture. We are always pushing for more. Pushing with a CEBRA attitude that combines our artistic approach to architecture with an understanding of its cultural context.

Most CEBRA projects are within the fields of education, culture and housing – thought, designed, and built in line with our mantra – Architecture with attitude.

28 Oct 2016

CEBRA – Latest Designs

ARCTIC Hundested Harbour Cultural Attraction, Region Hovedstaden, Northern Sjælland, Denmark
ARCTIC Hundested Harbour Cultural Attraction
image from architects
ARCTIC Hundested Harbour

20 Sep 2016
New School Building in Aabybro, north west of Aalborg, Jutland, western Denmark
Design: CEBRA architecture, architects with KPF
Aabybro School Building
image from architects

School Building in Aabybro

5 May 2016
Smart School education campus, Irkutsk City, Irkutsk Oblast, Russia
Smart School Irkutsk Education Campus
image from architects
Smart School Irkutsk by CEBRA
The vision for the Smart School project is to create a new type of school – a “School Park” – that unites architecture and landscape into a unique learning environment and gathering point for the local community, according to the architects CEBRA. The design of the project is based on a both unifying and expanding concept that bridges between school complex, nature and modern society in the form a diverse, including and activating learning environment.

Skidome Randers, Denmark
Design: CEBRA Architects
Randers Skidome Building
picture from architect

Skidome Denmark – 15 Nov 2012
Danish architecture practice CEBRA has designed Skidome Denmark – a vision for the world’s biggest ski dome in the city of Randers for ski travelling agency Danski. The proposal offers over 3 km of indoor and outdoor slopes, freestyle park, hotel, restaurant and shops, covering a total area of 100.000 m2.

Student Housing in Esbjerg, Jutland, Denmark
Student Housing in Esbjerg
image from CEBRA
CEBRA design : Student Housing in Esbjerg – 18 Jun 2012
CEBRA, in cooperation with engineers LB Consult, has won the competition for 48 new student housings in Denmark’s 5th largest city Esbjerg. The proposal consists of 26,910 sqft apartments spread across ten floors and outdoor areas with terraces and activity zones such as a street basket field. The project is commissioned by the housing association Ungdomsbo and they expect the first students to move in by Jan 2014. The building contains two basic functions: apartments – both for students and for young elitist sports practitioners – and common areas.

18 Jun 2012

CEBRA – Latest News

Experimentarium i Hellerup, Denmark
Design: CEBRA Architects
Experimentarium Science Center
image from architects

Experimentarium Science Center
The A.P. Møller and Chastine Mc-Kinney Møller Foundation has donated DKK 200 mio. to the modernization and extension of the science center and museum Experimentarium in Hellerup, Copenhagen. In 2011, CEBRA won the architecture competition for the new Experimentarium and the approximately 320,000 sqft project is is brought one substantial step closer to realization. The ambitious plans include a rooftop exhibition, a botanical roof garden, a large new exhibition hall, a flexible stage for an audience of 400 people, centres for learning, innovation and research, a conference centre, cafeterias and modern staff facilities.

6 Jun 2012

CEBRA – Recent News

Day Care Centre in Copenhagen, Denmark

A team consisting of CEBRA, Tækker and Grassat has been selected as winners of the competition for Prinsesse Charlottes Gade 42, a new day care and after-school centre in central Copenhagen. The project will convert two existing preservation-worthy buildings, erected in 1875, from a special school to a day care centre, including outdoor areas, for approximately 225 children.

13 Sep 2011

CEBRA – Latest Publications


CEBRA Architecture Book
image from CEBRA

CEBRA_files_02 – English text (scroll down for Danish):

Statement from CEBRA: “In 2006 we published the first book on CEBRA architecture, and we boldly decided to call it CEBRA_files_01. By doing so we committed ourselves to do at least one more, which, after months of hard work, we are finally doing now. The files are uploaded to the printers, and the first edition of CEBRA_files_02 will shortly arrive. Like our first book the CEBRA_files_02 contains 400 colorful and densely illustrated pages – this time complemented by a number of essays and interviews by David Basulto of ArchDaily and Boris Brorman Jensen plus an introduction by architect Peter Wilson. We therefore would like to see as many of you as possible at our Friday get together and book release in the office on the 30th of September at 14.00.”

Danish text:

Da vi i 2006 udgav vores første bog om CEBRAs arkitektur, var vi så modige at kalde den CEBRA_files_01. Vi forpligtede os dermed til at udgive mindst en mere, hvilket vi nu, efter lang tids hårdt arbejde, gør. Filerne er uploadet til trykkeriet, og det første oplag af CEBRA_files_02 er således på vej. Bogen er, ligesom den første, på 400 farverige og tæt illustrerede sider, som denne gang suppleres af en række essays samt interviews af henholdsvis David Basulto fra ArchDaily og Boris Brorman Jensen samt en introduktion af arkitekt Peter Wilson. Vi afholder i den anledning en kombineret fredagsbar og book release på tegnestuen fredag den 30. september kl. 14.00, hvor det vil glæde os at se så mange af jer som muligt

CEBRA Arkitekter – Recent Design

Landsbyhuset, Gyrstinge, Ringsted, Jutland, Denmark
Landsbyhuset Gyrstinge
picture : Vivian Leisner
Landsbyhuset – 23 May 2011
The landsbyhuset in Gyrstinge is an attractor in a small community – a magnet for sports and social activity. Since it is a facility for the whole village, it is intended as a visual symbol that can be a part of a common consciousness. Thus the building should be a kind of magnet – a center that sucks up activity and functions from the surroundings to become a lively hot spot for the village.

CEBRA Architects – Key Projects

Bakkegaard School, Gentofte, Copenhagen, Sjælland, Denmark

CEBRA with SRL Architects
Bakkegaard School
photo : Adam Mørk

Bakkegaard School

CinemaxX Aarhus, Aarhus, Jylland, Denmark

CinemaxX Aarhus
picture from architect
CinemaxX Aarhus

CinemaxX KBH, Copenhagen, Sjælland, Denmark

CinemaxX KBH
picture from CEBRA architects
CinemaxX KBH

Fuglsang Cuts, Herning, Jylland, Denmark

Fuglsang Cuts
photograph : Mads B Moeller
Fuglsang Cuts

Fritidscenter Gersonsvej, Gentofte, Copenhagen, Sjælland, Denmark

Gersonsvej Fritidscenter
photo : Adam Mørk
Fritidscenter Gersonsvej

The Iceberg Project – Isbjerget, Aarhus, Jylland, Denmark
JDS + CEBRA with Louis Paillard and SeArch
Aarhus Housing
picture from architect

Aarhus Housing – architecture competition win


Mikkel Frost, Carsten Primdal, Kolja Nielsen:
Portræt af CEBRA. Fra højre : Arkitekterne og partnerne Mikkel Frost, Carsten Primdal og Kolja Nielsen

CEBRA holds a central and dominant position among the new wave of young, successful Danish architects. During their seven years in the industry, CEBRA has realized a wide range of concrete building projects and has won a number of architecture competitions, including the Golden Lion at the 2006 International
Architecture Biennale in Venice and was nominated for a Mies van der Rohe prize for the architectural shaping of Bakkegårdsskolen in Gentofte.

CEBRA Architects CEBRA Architects CEBRA Architects
pictures from CEBRA architects

CEBRA does not try to lay the same defined design style or artistic signature over every single project. Each building tells its own story and has its own identity that CEBRA uses as a starting point by involving the building’s users and the physical potential of the site.

”We do not try to compete with the classic Danish architecture firms to make discrete, monumental creations. Our goal is not moderation, but instead a noticeable presence which shows that architects can achieve so much more than just create beautiful buildings. We dare to challenge the world in which we build buildings”, says Mikkel Frost, CEBRA partner.

Nykredit Architecture Prize

To see all listed projects on a single map please follow this link.

CEBRA Arkitekter – Practice Information

CEBRA is a Danish architecture firm based in Århus and was founded by Mikkel Frost, Carsten Primdahl and Kolja Nielsen, architects, in 2001.

Today, the firm has more than 30 employees including architects, building engineers and administrative staff.

CEBRA Architects : Danish designers

CEBRA architecture is a Danish architectural office founded in 2001 by the architects Mikkel Frost, Carsten Primdahl and Kolja Nielsen. Based in Aarhus, Denmark and in Abu Dhabi, UAE CEBRA architecture employs a multidisciplinary international staff of 40 who all share a strong passion for architecture.

Most CEBRA projects belong within the field of education, culture, sport and housing. We think, design and build in line with our mantra – Architecture is serious fun.

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