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Burkhalter Sumi Architekten, Switzerland

Contemporary Swiss Architecture Practice : Major Developments

Burkhalter Sumi – Key Projects

Featured Buildings by Burkhalter Sumi Architekten, alphabetical:

Am Eulachpark Housing Complex, Winterthur, Switzerland
Wohnüberbauung Am Eulachpark
photo : Stefan Faust
Swiss Housing
The two housing blocks are part of an overall plan by burkhalter sumi architects. In a reference to the guideline planning for the Sulzerareal in Oberwinterthur the long building volumes are at right angles to Eulachpark thus allowing the desired spatial transparency. The point-buildings on Hegifeldstrasse are organised as part of the street development. The western residential block and the two point buildings were designed as lofts by Novaron Architekten.

Double family house, Küsnacht, Switzerland
Glärnischstrasse Küsnacht
image : R.Zimmermann
Glärnischstrasse Doppelhaus
These two projects on the Glärnischstrasse 2a and 7 in Küsnacht were built within two years of each other. They illustrate the move towards increased density at present occurring in this popular residential district.

Erlenbach House, nr Zurich, Switzerland
Erlenbach House
photograph : Heinrich Helfenstein
Zurich House
The unique premise situated below Pflugstein, a popular recreational destination above the lake of Zurich, consists of two different zones, one on a higher artificial plateau and the other one on a declining hillside overlooking the lake. In the eighties, the existing group of houses on the plateau was renovated and expanded into a walled-in housing complex by the architect Pierre Zoelly. The building is situated at the junction between the plateau and the hill, south of the existing housing complex.

Han Bit Housing, Herrliberg, Switzerland
Han Bit Housing
image : Büro
Herrliberg Houses
The volumes of the individual buildings are staggered, both horizontally and vertically. In this way they react to the sloping topography. At the same time slender end walls are made that help integrate the buildings entirely naturally in a spatial clasp between the development lower down along Schulhausstrasse and the retaining wall of the upper plateau.

Multengut housing for senior citizens, Muri, Switzerland
Seniorenresidenz Multengut
photograph : Heinrich Helfenstein
Seniorenresidenz Multengut

Rigiblick Hotel and Theatre, Zurich
Rigiblick Hotel and Theatre
photograph : Heinrich Helfenstein
Rigiblick Hotel

Town Villas Witikon, Zurich
Witikon Stadtvillen
photo : Gaston Wicky
Witikon Stadtvillen

Werd Building Remodelling, Zurich
Werd Building Zürich
photograph : Heinrich Helfenstein
Hochhaus Werd

Werd Restaurant & Bar, Zürich

Werd Restaurant
photo : Heinz Ungers
Werd Restaurant

Ziegelwies Housing Development In Altendorf, Switzerland
Ziegelwies Housing
photograph : Büro
Wohnsiedlung Ziegelwies

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