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Budi Pradono – Latest Building

R-House, Depok, Jawa Barat
Design: Budi Pradono Architects
Jawa Barat Indonesia Residence
photo : FX bambang SN
Indonesian House – 2 Jan 2013
Cohabitation is the main theme of this design in which in the front side directly connecting to the neighbour and surrounding environment, making social interaction more easy. Its façade design also interprets local ornament, by displaying colours only on glasses.

Budi Pradono Architects – Recent Designs

Flora Building, Taipei City, Taiwan
Flora Building Taipei
image from Budi Pradono Architects
Flora Building
It was when I was asked to design a building which will have an exhibition space, reception center, and at the same time a model house for an apartment to be constructed in Zhongsan road, in Taipei city.

Pure Shi Shi Lin Exhibition, Taipei, Taiwan
Pure shi shi lin exhibition Taipei
image from Budi Pradono Architects
Shi Shi Lin Exhibition Taipei
Exhibition space in Ceng de road – developing the idea of branching tree. The geometric distortion pattern resulting from the bamboos will produce a new architecture, which will compete with the natural trees.

Budi Pradono – Key Projects

Featured Buildings by Budi Pradono Architects, alphabetical:

Azwar Anaz House, Indonesia
Azwar Anaz House Indonesia
photo : Ahkamul Hakim
Azwar Anaz House

Pori-Pori House, Indonesia
Pori-Pori House
photo : Budi Pradono Architects
Pori-Pori House
Clients are spouses of graphic designers in need of a home and an office at the same time (SOHO/Small Office Home Office). Hence, the dialog between the domestic area and working area is the most essential part. To preserve the privacy of the domestic area, zoning is executed vertically and horizontally. Vertically, the ground floor becomes the working area/design studio whereas the upper floor becomes the house.

Rumah Kindah Office, Indonesia
Rumah Kindah Office
photo : FX bambang SN
Rumah Kindah Office
The client asked Budi Pradono Architects to design an office for his aircraft component distribution business in Jakarta. The building will function as the storage building. Therefore, a strong structure for the storage area will be needed as the most important part of the design. In this project, folding method is applied to gain new form of architecture. Exploration process begins with multifold of papers.

Tetaring Kayumanis Restaurant, Nusa, Indonesia
Kayumanis Restaurant
photo : FX bambang SN
Kayumanis Restaurant

More design projects by Budi Pradono Architects online soon

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