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Richard Buckminster Fuller : Architecture

Modern Architect / Engineer, United States of America

Buckminster Fuller – Key Projects

Major Building:

Wichita House, Kansas, USA

Famous for geodesic dome designs

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Bucky Fuller Exhibition, Spain

Ivorypress Art + Books, Madrid

Bucky Fuller & Spaceship Earth Exhibition
picture from Ivory Press

Bucky Fuller Exhibition

Richard Buckminster ‘Bucky’ Fuller (1895-1983) was an American genius who defied categorisation. Buckminster could be described variously as a green environmentalist, a prophetic visionary, a poet, architect, mathematician, map-maker and teacher, although he is most popularly known for his geodesic domes.

In 1951 Buckminster Fuller drew attention to the ecological issues of today when he referred to ‘spaceship earth’ and the fragility of the planet, as such his work and observations are even more important now than they were in his lifetime.

Curators: Norman Foster and Luis Fernández-Galiano

Dates: 1 Sep – 30 Oct 2010

Venue: Ivorypress Art + Books
C/ Comandante Zorita 48, 28020 Madrid, Spain

Contact: T +34 91 449 09 61

Location:Massachusetts, USA

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Former practice based in USA

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Annie Pfeiffer Chapel
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RIBA Gold Medal : 1968

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Frank Lloyd Wright House in Buffalo
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