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For BNIM Architects, sustainability is a way of life; design is an act of optimism and hope for the future. With these philosophies in mind, this US architecture firm continues to build on 37 years of history, design innovation, and environmental stewardship. BNIM is a pioneer in the design of healthy buildings and communities, having helped to develop the USGBC LEED® rating system and Living Building standards for restorative design.

BNIM Architects
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This US architecture practice is committed to an inclusive design process, one which values close collaboration with all stakeholders, from end users, to local agencies to neighborhood groups. We excel at bringing all “voices” together, harnessing the energy and ideas of many with an integrated approach that empowers the design process and results in a solution that exceeds client and community expectations.

This architecture firm’s design solutions are inspirational, functional, and healthy for users and for the environment. With a holistic approach to issues of place, function, context and community, the architects office strives to create architecture that not only performs technologically but also stirs the imagination of its users, while reconnecting them experientially to the living world.

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Location:106 W. 14th Street, Kansas City, MO 64105

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Berkebile Nelson Immenschuh McDowell (BNIM) – architect studio based in USA

This US architecture firm have architects offices in Kansas City, MO [Headquarters]; Des Moines, Iowa; Houston, TX and San Diego, CA

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