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Bernini Architecture

Celebrated Italian Baroque Architect, Europe – Historic Buildings in Italy

Bernini Architect – Key Projects

Giovanni Lorenzo Bernini
born Naples, died Rome, Italy

Famous Baroque architect

Key Buildings by Bernini:

Sant’ Andrea al Quirinale, Rome, Italy

Sant’ Andrea al Quirinale
photo © Adrian Welch
Sant’ Andrea al Quirinale
not so well known but delightful, small, church – jjust down the road from Borrmini’s famous baroque church buidling.

Piazza San Pietro : St Peter’s Square, Rome
Piazza San Pietro
photograph © Adrian Welch
Piazza San Pietro

Palazzo di Montecitorio, Piazza Colonna, Via del Corso, Rome
with Carlo Fontana
Piazza Colonna Roma
image © Adrian Welch

Palazzo di Montecitorio

More Bernini buildings online soon

To see all listed projects on a single map please follow this link.

Rome Buildings : Traditional architecture
The Pantheon Rome
photo © AW

Rome Architecture : Contemporary Roman Property developments
photograph : Roland Halbe

Piazza Navona, Rome – Fountain of the Four Rivers, Campus Martius

Piazza Navona Rome
photo © Adrian Welch
Piazza Navona
Formed within the outline of an old stadium, similar to the Circus Maximus ie long shape with semicircular ends for chariot racing and other sports.

Italian Building
Borgo di Terzo Church Building
image from architect

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