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Olympic Diving Pools, Montjuic, Barcelona, Spain
Date built: –
Olympic Diving Pools Montjuic
photograph © Isabelle Lomholt

The Olympic Diving Pool in Barcelona featured in an eye-catching TV advert in late 2012 – a stuntman Bobby Holland-Hanton dives through a car into a swimming pool. The TV advert showcases the new Ford B-MAX. Producers wanted to show off the roomy backseat and pillar-free structure of the car’s interior. So the Skyfall stunt expert jumped from a high board and dived into the pool through the 1.5m gap.

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Location:Balmes 186 4rt 2a, Catalonia, Spain

Estudi d’arquitectura Antoni de Moragas Arquitectes – Practice Information

Antoni de Moragas Gallissà Studio based in Catalonia, Spain

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Antoni De Moragas I Gallissa (Publicacions del Centre de Documentacio)
Author: Josep Montaner
Pages: 119
Publisher: Actar
Published: 1 Apr 1998
Language: English

Barcelona Olympic Architecture

Antoni was born, studied and worked as an architect in Barcelona, at a time of intellectual backwardness and material shortage. In 1949, some professionals interested in getting in touch with the European and American avant-garde created the Club 49. That same year, the Architect’s Association of Catalonia invited Italian architect Alberto Sartoris to give a lecture, and called a competition with the aim of finding ideas on how to solve the housing problem. These circumstances gave place to great changes, and to the development boom that led to the rapid development of design in Spain in the following years. Moragas won the above mentioned competition with other colleagues. This competition made him aware of the economic and political issues that the housing problem involved. He then began an architectural and designing activity that was really aware of such problems, through various institutions, like the Architects’ Association or the FAD.

He created the Grupo R with some colleagues, with the intention of undertaking a reform of Barcelona’s architecture. In 1957, they started to make the first contacts to promote industrial design in this city.

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