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Andrade Morettin, Architects

Contemporary Brazilian Architecture Practice, Sao Paulo, South America

Andrade Morettin Arquitetos – Key Projects

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Center for Information Comperj in Itaboraí – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Center for Information Comperj
image from architects
Andrade Morettin Arquitetos – Brazil Architecture Competition
The headquarters of the Center for Information of Comperj in Itaboraí play a key role in the future petrochemical complex that Petrobras will implement in the region. The CI will be the gateway to the site. Therefore, the new building has to represent very clearly the values that the company defends, including modernity as well as social and environmental responsibility. The strategy adopted to achieve this goal is based on three fundamental concepts.

House B – Casa B, São Paulo
São Paulo Home
image from architects
House by Andrade Morettin Arquitetos
This house, located in a green residential district in the city of São Paulo, takes advantage of its privileged condition, turning its integration with the nature into its distinctive trace. All its spaces maintain a clear relation with the 1,500-square-meter park in which they are inserted.

House RR – Casa RR, São Paulo State
R.R. House
image from architects
Sao Paulo house
Photos : Nelson Kon
This summer house is situated only a few meters from the sea, on the north coast of the State of São Paulo, a place with exuberant vegetation and hot humid climate.
We began the project with the idea of a big shelter, a “shell”, under which the actual living spaces would be located, protected from the intense sun and the frequent rains, however without blocking the permanent natural cross ventilation.

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Living Steel : 2nd International Architecture Competition for Sustainable Housing
Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil
Brazil Architecture Competition
image from architects
Living Steel Competition
We believe that the objective of this competition is not limited to proposing a design for a specific lot in Recife, the objective is rather to point out solutions for a major housing problem within a macro-region that is defined not by its geopolitical limits, but by its bioclimatic characteristics.
This macro-region is the humid tropical zone, which occupies almost 50% of the inter-tropic region of the planet. It is characterized by intense solar radiation, high rainfall index, high temperatures with little fluctuation, and high humidity.

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Location:rua Major Sertório 463 conj 22, São Paulo SP

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