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alex popov & associates Architects : Sydney Design Studio

POPOVbass – Contemporary Sydney Architect Practice, NSW, Australia

Architect studio now knows as pba – POPOVbass architects

POPOVbass – Key Projects

Major Buildings by this NSW architecture studio, alphabetical:

Miranda Winery, Oxley, Victoria, Australia
Date built: 2008
Miranda Winery Victoria
photo courtesy of Kraig Carlstrom
Miranda Winery
The Sam Miranda Wines cellar door represents the first of a two-stage project.
The brief was for a modern facility that improves the winery’s viability by creating a landmark destination for tourists and gourmands to the region’s growing viticultural industry.
This facility was to be constructed away from the existing busy wine-making operations (production and grape-crushing plant).

Whale Beach House, New South Wales, Australia
Date built: 2008
Whale Beach House
photo courtesy of Kraig Carlstrom
Whale Beach House
Architecture and physical location have always been inseparable from one another. The location, its characteristics and its history are part of the emotive connections that form a sense of place and context.
This project articulates the idea of a modernist approach to the peninsula’s traditional concept of a beachside dwelling.
The site is located at the southern end of Whale Beach, between the main road and the beach. Facing due east, the site falls away approximately 7 metres from the road to the eastern boundary and is flanked on both sides by brick- and-tile residences of a larger scale.

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Location:2 Glen Street, Milsons Point, NSW, Australia ‘