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Alberto Campo Baeza

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16 + 15 Mar 2014

Alberto Campo Baeza News


Alberto Campo Baeza

The architect Alberto Campo Baeza has been elected as a member of the San Fernando Academy of Fine Arts.

Alberto Campo Baeza has been Professor of Design Projects at the ETSAM School of Architecture in Madrid since 1986 and is an architect of great renown, both in his native Spain and worldwide. He has been visiting professor at the ETH in Zurich, the EPFL in Lausanne and at the Penn University School of Architecture in Philadelphia, as well as at numerous other schools of architecture around the world.

Alberto Campo Baeza
photograph from Estudio Arquitectura Campo Baeza

This year he has received such eminent awards as the Tessenow Gold Medal in Germany, the Arnold W. Brunner from the American Academy of Arts and Letters in New York, and the RIBA International Fellowship in London.

The San Fernando Academy of Fine Arts was founded in 1752 by Royal Decree of King Fernando VI. It has five sections: Painting, Sculpture, Architecture, Music and the New Arts of Imaging, and is one Spain’s most prestigious institutions.

Alberto Campo Baeza Award News

Pibamarmi Pavilion 2013, Verona, Italy – 4 Oct 2013
Design: Estudio Arquitectura Campo Baeza
Pibamarmi Pavilion Verona
photo from Arquitectura Campo Baeza

The PIBAMARMI pavilion at the 2013 edition of MARMOMACC in Verona was designed by the Spanish architect Alberto CAMPO BAEZA, winner of the Fair’s International Award Architecture in Stone 2013 for the office building of the Castilla León Junta in front of the Cathedral in Zamora.

18 Sep 2013

RIBA 2014 International Fellowship

The architect has been awarded a RIBA International Fellowship

RIBA International Fellows 2014 citation:

Alberto Campo Baeza – architect, Spain

Campo Baeza is a practitioner, teacher and theorist. He believes in architecture not as an abstract intellectual concept but as a built idea – his book of that title has run to twenty editions. As a result his buildings are highly innovative but they work. He was born in Valladolid where his grandfather worked as an architect, but moved south to Cadiz at an early age, where he learned intuitively about the importance of the play of light on landscape and buildings. In addition to light, he believes that the principal components of architecture are gravity, space and time.

He studied architecture at the Madrid School of Architecture where he has taught now for more than a quarter of a century. He has also taught at the ETH, Zurich and the EPFL in Lausanne, as well as at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, Columbia, New York, Kansas and the Bauhaus, Weimar, as well as in Dublin, Naples, Virginia and Copenhagen.

Alberto Campo Baeza
photograph from Estudio Arquitectura Campo Baeza

His built work has been the subject of many exhibitions and the won many awards. Two recent schemes have been nominated for the Mies van der Rohe Awards: MA Museum in Granada in 2011, and the offices for the regional government of Zamora in 2012.

His work has been exhibited at Mies van der Rohe’s Crown Hall in Chicago, in Palladio’s Basilica in Vicenza; the Urban Center in New York; Saint Irene Church in Istanbul; the Central House of Artists in Moscow; the MA Gallery of Toto in Tokyo and MAXXI in Rome.

He has received many awards, such as the Torroja for his Caja Granada building. He was awarded the Buenos Aires Biennial 2009 for his Nursery for Benetton in Venice and his MA Museum in Granada. He has recently been nominated by the American Academy of Arts and Letters for the prestigious Arnold W. Brunner Memorial Prize of 2010.

Other schemes include the single family houses Casa Turégano and Casa de Blas, both in Madrid; Casa Gaspar, Casa Asencio and Casa Guerrero in Cádiz; the Olnick Spanu House in Garrison, New York; the Centro BIT in Inca-Mallorca; the Caja de Granada Savings Bank and the Museum of Andalusian Memory, both in Granada; a nursery for Benetton in Venice; Between Cathedrals in Cádiz; and an office building in Zamora.

9 Jun 2013

Alberto Campo Baeza Exhibition

The work of Campo Baeza is on exhibition at the American Academy of Arts and Letters in New York. May-June 2013

Alberto Campo Baeza Exhibition

The exhibition of the work of Campo Baeza to celebrate the awarding of the Arnold W. Brunner Memorial Prize in Architecture 2013 is currently on at the American Academy of Arts and Letters in New York. It is an exhibition that is very sui generis, it is an Exhibition in the air; it is an exhibition that is very Campo Baeza.

22 Apr 2013

Alberto Campo Baeza wins Arnold W. Brunner Memorial Prize


The Spanish architect Alberto Campo Baeza is the recipient of the ARNOLD W. BRUNNER MEMORIAL PRIZE 2013 by the AMERICAN ACADEMY OF ARTS AND LETTERS. After the PRITZKER, this is the most prestigious award handed down by the American Architects.

This is the fourth major prize Alberto Campo Baeza receives this year. Having picked up the UPM Prize for Excellence in Teaching in Madrid on January 25th and the Heinrich Tessenow Gold Medal in Hamburg on January 30th, and the International Award Architecture in Stone 2013 on April, in Verona, he will travel to New York in May to receive this latest prize.

The Arnold W. Brunner Memorial Prize was bestowed on Louis I. KAHN in 1960.

Almost all PRITZKER prize-winners were previously honored with the Arnold W. Brunner: Gordon BUNSHAFT in 1955, I.M. PEI in 1961, Kevin ROCHE in 1965, Richard MEIER in 1972, Robert VENTURI in 1973, James STIRLING in 1976, Franck O. GEHRY in 1983, Tadao ANDO in 1991, Norman FOSTER in 1992, Rafael MONEO in 1993, Renzo PIANO in 1994, Alvaro SIZA in 1998, Fumihiko MAKI in 1999, Kazuyo SEJIMA and Ryue NISHIZAWA in 2002, Hans HOLLEIN in 2004, Jean NOUVEL in 2006, Peter ZUMTHOR in 2008 and TOYO ITO in 2000.

Inaugurated in 1955, the American Academy of Arts and Letters bestows the annual Arnold W. Brunner Memorial Prize in Architecture on “an architect who has made a significant contribution to architecture as an art”.

Caja Granada Savings Bank, Spain, 2001:
Caja Granada Savings Bank
photograph from Estudio Arquitectura Campo Baeza

Alberto Campo Baeza is an architect and professor at the Madrid School of Architecture since1986. He has taught at the ETH in Zurich, the EPFL in Lausanne, at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia and during the present academic year at the CUA in Washington. He has also taught at numerous other prestigious schools of architecture around the world.

His work, described as uncompromising, sober and essential, has received international acclaim and renown. His writings have been published in various books with an international circulation.

He believes in Architecture as a built idea. And he claims that the two main components of Architecture are gravity that builds space and light that builds time.

His work has been exhibited at Mies’s Crown Hall in Chicago, Palladio’s Basilica in Vicenza, the former Urban Center in New York, the Basilica Santa Irene in Istanbul, the prestigious Gallery TOTO in Tokyo, at Bramante’s Tempietto as well as the MAXXI in Rome and at last year’s Venice Biennale.

29 Jan 2013

Alberto Campo Baeza Architect News

Alberto Campo Baeza. Heinrich Tessenow Gold Medal

The Spanish architect Alberto Campo Baeza has been awarded the HEINRICH TESSENOW GOLD MEDAL 2012. Among the distinguished architects to have received the award are the Portuguese architect, Eduardo Souto de Moura, Peter Zumthor from Switzerland and the Norwegian Sverre Fehn, all laureates of the Pritzker Architecture Prize.

Heinrich Tessenow Gold Medal

Caja Granada, Spain, 2001:
Caja Granada
photograph from Estudio Arquitectura Campo Baeza

Alberto Campo Baeza Architect – Latest Building Additions

Olnick Spanu House, Garrison, New York, USA
Design: Alberto Campo Baeza
Olnick Spanu House
photo : Javier Callejas

Olnick Spanu House – 3 Dec 2012
The place is of profound tranquility where after a day of rain and fog an intense light reflects in the stilled mirror of the majestic Hudson River´s deep waters. A place where twilights are a thousand colors as the water breaks into a thousand reflections. A place where the air is clean and calm, and mild. One could say a place that is very close to heaven.

Building With Air, Zamora, Spain
Alberto Campo Baeza
Zamora Building
photo : Javier Callejas

Alberto Campo Baeza – Building With Air : added 29 Nov 2012
Facing the cathedral and following the outline of the former convent’s kitchen garden, we erect a strong stone wall box open to the sky. Its walls and floors entirely made of stone. The very same stone as the Cathedral. A real Hortus Conclusus.

Rufo House, Toledo, south west Spain
Alberto Campo Baeza
Rufo House
photo : Javier Callejas

Rufo House – added 26 Nov 2012
The brief was to build a house on a hilltop outside of the city of Toledo. The hill faces southwest and offers interesting views of the distant horizon, reaching the Gredos Mountains to the northeast.

Moliner House, Zaragoza, north east Spain
Alberto Campo Baeza
House in Zaragoza
photo : Javier Callejas

Moliner House – added 24 Nov 2012
To build a house for a poet. To make a house for dreaming, living and dying. A house in which to read, to write and to think. We raised high walls to create a box open to the sky, like a metaphysical garden, with concrete walls and floor. To create an interior world. We dug into the ground to plant leafy trees.

Between Cathedrals, Cadiz, southern Spain
Alberto Campo Baeza
Between Cathedrals
photo : Javier Callejas

Between Cathedrals – added 21 Nov 2012
The project “Between Cathedrals” seeks to create an intervention worthy of the most significant location in the history of Cadiz, the oldest city of the West: the empty space facing the sea located between the Old and New Cathedrals.

Benetton Nursery, Treviso, Italy
Benetton Nursery Building
photo : Marco Zanta
Benetton Nursery – added 19 Nov 2012
This square structure is inscribed within a larger, circular enclosure made up of double circular walls. Open to the sky, four courtyards are created that suggest the four elements: air, earth, fire and water.

Major Alberto Campo Baeza Building

Museo de al Memoria de Andalucía, Granada, Spain
Andalusia Museum of Memory
photo : Javier Callejas
Museo de al Memoria de Andalucía
We would like to make “the most beautiful building” for the Museo de al Memoria de Andalucía (Andalusia’s Museum of Memory) in Granada. The MA. A museum that wishes to transmit the entire history of Andalusia. As early as Roman times, Strabo described the inhabitants of Andalusia as “the most cultivated of the Iberians, who have laws in verse.”

Alberto Campo Baeza Exhibition

Alberto Campo Baeza Exhibition
image from Alberto Campo Baeza
Alberto Campo Baeza Exhibition
Dedicated to the work of one of the masters of Spanish architecture, curated and designed by Manuel Blanco.

Alberto Campo Baeza – Key Projects

Projects by Alberto Campo Baeza, alphabetical:

Art Museum, Dehesa Montenmedio, nr Cadiz, Spain

Asencio, Novo Sancti Petri, Cadiz, Spain

Bank, Granada, Spain

Caja General de Ahorros office block, Spain

De Blas, Sevilla la Nueva, Madrid, Spain

Gaspar House, Zahora, Cadiz, Spain

Guerrero House, Zahora, Cadiz, Spain

Health Authority Offices, Almeria, Spain

Museum of Memory, Granada, Andalucia, Spain

More buildings by Estudio Arquitectura Campo Baeza online soon

Location:Almirante, 4 5º B, 28004, Madrid, Spain

Estudio Arquitectura Campo Baeza – Practice Information

Architect studio based in Madrid, Spain

Alberto Campo Baeza Architect : Madrid Architects Studio

Alberto Campo Baeza – Arquitectos España

Alberto Campo Baeza, born in Valladolid, he has lived in Madrid since he began his studies in Architecture. A disciple of Alejandro de la Sota, he is the most senior full professor at the Design Department of ETSAM. He has taught at the ETH of Zurich, the EPFL of Lausanne, the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, the BAUHAUS of Weimar and at KANSAS State University. He has carried out projects around the world and this year will begin to build the MIA, the Museum of Italian Art in New York. His most famous book, LA IDEA CONSTRUIDA, THE BUILT IDEA, has been published in more than twenty editions. His designs and projects have been exhibited at the CROWN HALL by Mies Van der Rohe, at the IIT of Chicago, at the Urban Center of New York and at the Basilica Palladiana in Vicenza.

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