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Amsterdam Houses

Residential Buildings in Holland – New Properties in The Netherlands

Houses in Amsterdam

We’ve selected what we feel are the key examples of Amsterdam Properties. We aim to include buildings that are either of top quality or interesting, or ideally both.

We cover completed Dutch residential buildings, new home designs, architectural exhibitions and architecture competitions across Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The focus is on contemporary houses in Holland but information on traditional Dutch residences is also welcome.

We have 1 page of Amsterdam House selections with links to numerous individual project pages.

Amsterdam Houses – Latest Residences

Residential Architecture Designs in Holland – latest additions, chronological:

Wooden Houses on Wenslauerstraat – 30 Sep 2013
Design: M3H architecten
Wenslauerstraat Houses
photo : Tobias Bader

In collaboration with the city council, the Stadgenoot housing corporation and various individuals, architects and small developers, a dozen dwellings have been renovated, and old houses demolished to be replaced by new buildings.

House on IJburg
Design: Gabriëls Webb
IJburg House Amsterdam
photograph : Marcel Van der Burg

Amsterdam House, Ijburg
This is a private villa on the new island of IJburg, Amsterdam. The clients desired a home that could accommodate the duality of modern family life, providing opportunities in living together with their teenage children but also independently. We responded by ordering the programme vertically: the children occupy the lower separately accessed level, the parents the upper floor, and the ground floor is acting as both communal social area and “buffer” zone.

Amsterdam Properties

Major Amsterdam Residential Projects, alphabetical:

Borneo Sporenburg : Houses
Design: various architects incl. MVRDV
Borneo Amsterdam
picture © Adrian Welch

Borneo Houses
Floating House IJburg
Hollands Zicht & SOOH
Dutch Floating House
photo © Katja Effting

Floating House IJburg
House IJburg
Marc Koehler Architects
House IJburg
photo : Marcel van der Burg (Primabeeld)

House IJburg

More New Amsterdam Houses online soon

Location:Amsterdam, Netherlands