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Nov 4, 2016

Arizona Building News

Architecture in Arizona – latest additions to this page, arranged chronologically:

Arquideas Design Competition, The Grand Canyon, northern Arizona
Canyon View Accommodation Arizona Architecture Competition
image from architects
Canyon View Accommodation Arizona Architecture Competition
The aim of this competition for architecture students and young architects, Canyon View Accommodation (CaVA) Arizona, is to propose a temporary accommodation space for visitors in such unique and delicate spaces as the Grand Canyon.
Thanks to its privileged location, the proposed spaces aims to become an international benchmark in the world of tourist accommodation, not only for its location but for the characteristics of its morphology in relation to its site and the unique experience offered to visitors.

Arizona Center for Law and Society, ASU, Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law, Phoenix
Architect: Tomas Rossant of Ennead Architects, with Jones Studio
Arizona Center for Law and Society
image from architects

Arizona Center for Law and Society Building – 18 Mar 2016

Desert Wash in Paradise Valley
Architect: Kendle Design Collaborative Architects
Desert Wash Paradise Valley Arizona
image from architects

Paradise Valley Residence – 30 Dec 2015
A unique modern home designed to celebrate nature and desert living. This contemporary home turns “an unwelcome obstacle for traditional residential design, a desert wash which periodically floods throughout the year, into a focal feature of natural beauty that delights and inspires”.

Desert Wing, Scottsdale
Architect: Kendle Design Collaborative Architects
Desert Wing Arizona 1
photo from architects

Desert Wing in Arizona
“While much of the surrounding homes echo themes from distant European cultures of centuries past this home speaks to its specific place in the Sonoran Desert. Forms derived not by the constraints of style but by programmatic and climatic forces shape this home.”

Levin Residence
Design: Ibarra Rosano Design Architects
Levin Residence
photo : Bill Timmerman

Levin Residence – 15 Jul 2013
Three simple volumes hover above the desert, responding to the challenges of the site and to an ethic of building with minimal disruption to the natural environment. The site slopes toward the west into a wash and is split by a smaller tributary valley, splitting the buildable area in half. Our solution was to leave the cars behind and link the parking area to the main house by a bridge. Upon arrival the owners and their guests experience a cantilevered walk that allows rainwater and wildlife to flow beneath it.

Tucson Mountain Retreat
Design: DUST Architects
Mountain Retreat Arizona
photo © Jeff Goldberg / Esto

Arizona Mountain Retreat – 21 May 2013
Elegant rammed earth house for Karen and David Francis whose primary residence is in San Diego. David grew up in Arizona so the Tucson Mountain Retreat and living in the desert are like a homecoming for him.

The Phoenix House
Design: Messana O’Rorke
The Phoenix House Arizona
image from architect

Contemporary Arizona House – 24 Apr 2013
This vast and strikingly beautiful desert landscape is the inspiration for this simple contemporary residential design. The tectonic mechanisms responsible for the landscape, where mountain ranges seem to slide past each other, is emulated by massive parallel walls of the house.

Phoenix Observation Tower
Phoenix Observation Tower Arizona
image from architect

Phoenix Observation Tower – 20 Dec 2012
Designed as a major attraction for both tourists and locals in the Valley of the Sun: conceived as a reinforced concrete tower topped with an open-air spiral sphere. The spiraling sphere connects to the ground using three glass elevators.

University of Arizona Poetry Center, Tucson
Line and Space
University of Arizona Poetry Center
photo : Robert Reck

University of Arizona Poetry Center
After nearly 50 years of patiently seeking out every new poetry publication, the University of Arizona amassed one of the finest collections of Contemporary Poetry in America. With collection in hand, the University set out to design its new home; a facility for archiving, research, reading, teaching, and contemplation.

Sunrise Mountain Library
Sunrise Mountain Library Building
image : Bill Timmerman

Sunrise Mountain Library
A replacement for a joint use public library in a high school that had been in existence for over ten years, the new building is a modern full-service regional library with a 100,000-piece collection. The facility utilizes RFID and self-service technology. Sliding glass walls and shelving on wheels allow for expanded programming space but is aesthetically pleasing when not in use. Glassed in study rooms and gallery entrances make for an almost perfect line of sight anywhere in the main areas. Ample wall space allowed for the City to display an impressive art collection that had been selected with the architect’s assistance.

Garcia Residence
Ibarra Rosano Design Architects
Tucson Mountains Residence
picture from architect

Tucson Mountains House
The Garcia site is a steep north-facing slope in the foothills of the Tucson Mountains with commanding views of city lights and the surrounding mountains. Our challenge was to design a structure that would appear to grow out of the rocky desert hillside without dominating the landscape.

Cesar Chavez Library, Phoenix
Line and Space with Richard+Bauer
Cesar Chavez Library
image : Bill Timmerman

Cesar Chavez Library
Located in an existing park adjacent to a man-made lake the 25,000 sqft building is designed to serve 40,000 visitors per month within one of the fastest growing areas of Phoenix, the Village of Laveen. Due to the density of nearby housing, the park is the backyard for the community, and in the same sense, the library was designed to be its living room – an interior place for interaction of families and friends, as well as space for individual family members to “do their own thing.”

Arizona Buildings

We’ve selected what we feel are the key examples of Arizona Buildings, USA. We aim to include projects that are either of top quality or interesting, or ideally both.

We cover completed Arizona buildings, new building designs, architectural exhibitions and architecture competitions across the state. The focus is on contemporary buildings but information on traditional buildings is also welcome.

Major Arizona Building Designs, alphabetical:

Arabian Library, Scottsdale
Design: richärd+bauer
Arabian Library Building
image : Bill Timmerman

Arabian Library

Bradley Residence, Scottsdale
Michael P. Johnson Design Studios
Bradley Residence
image : Bill Timmerman

Arizona Architecture : Scottsdale house

Courtyard Residence, Phoenix
blank studio, architects
Phoenix Residence
image : blank studio, Inc.

Arizona Residence

Ellsworth Residence – desert residence
Michael P. Johnson Design Studios
Cave Creek house
photo : Bill Timmerman

Arizona house

Meinel Optical Sciences Building, University of Arizona, Tucson
Meinel Optical Sciences Building University of Arizona
image : Bill Timmerman

Meinel Optical Sciences Building

Suncover Residence – house, Phoenix
blank studio, architects
Suncover Residence
image : blank studio, Inc

Phoenix Residence

More Arizona Buildings online soon

Major Arizona Building Developments, no images, alphabetical:

Cardinals Stadium, Glendale
Peter Eisenman with HOK Sport

Community Centre & Library, Maryvale, Phoenix
Gould Evans Wendell Burnette

Maryvale Community Center, Phoenix

Wendell Burnette
Palo Verde Library, pool, community center, park

Northern Arizona University Advanced Research & Development Facility, Flagstaff
Hopkins Architects

Planar House – Cottle Residence, Paradise Valley

Steven Holl Architects

Quadrant House, Phoenix

Diller + Scofidio

Stevie Eller Dance Theatre, University of Arizona
Gould Evans

Taliesin West, Scottsdale
Frank Lloyd Wright
Link: Taliesin III in Wisconsin

Xeros project – house, Phoenix
blank studio

More Arizona Building Designs online soon

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