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Algerian Buildings : North African Architecture

Key Contemporary Developments in Algeria – North Africa Architectural Designs

Algerian Architecture

Algeria is located on the Mediterranean, east of Morocco and west of Tunisia and Libya. e-architect try to select what we feel are the key examples of Algerian Architecture.

We aim to include Algerian buildings that are either of excellent quality.

We cover completed Algeria buildings and new building designs. We also post architecture competitions across Algeria. Our focus is on contemporary Algerian buildings.

Major Algerian Building Developments, alphabetical:

British Embassy, Algiers, north Algeria
John McAslan & Partners

Grand Mosque development, Algiers
Engel und Zimmermann
Algerian Architectural competition winner

More Algeria building projects online soon

Algerian Construction Event

Algeria Infrastructure Summit
16 – 17 Sep 2012
Algeria Infrastructure Summit
image from event organiser
Algeria Infrastructure Summit
This invitation-only initiative is connecting leading construction companies, real estate developers, architects, and project developers with up to 100 project holders from Algeria. The two days are purely focused on generating business and enhancing Algerian infrastructure.


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African Architecture
Portside Cape Town
building image : Louis Karol

Architectural Projects in countries close to Algeria

Libyan Developments
Libyan University architecture
picture from architects

Moroccan Architecture
Anfa Place Morocco
picture from architect

Egyptian Buildings
Cairo Expo City Building
image from architects

Saudi Arabian Buildings

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Key North African Buildings

Rabat Grand Theatre, northern Morocco
Zaha Hadid Architects
Rabat Grand Theatre
render from architects

Tripoli Congress Center Building, Libya
Tabanlıoğlu Architects
Tripoli Congress Center
image from architect

Tangier Passenger Terminal, northern Morocco
Odile Decq Benoît Cornette – Khalid Molato
Moroccan Passenger Terminal
image from architect

Buildings / photos for the Algerian ArchitectureNorth African Building Developments page welcome

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