House in Forte dei Marmi

House in Forte dei Marmi

Design: FABBRICANOVE Architetti

The zone of this residential intervention is a place, established at the end of 1800, to host a factory that stores explosive materials for civil uses.

Summit Haus

Summit Haus in Park City, Utah

Architects: Park City Design+Build

With rising carbon emissions leading to global warming, this house strives to show that sensible, good design can create spaces adequate for today’s housing demands while adhering to strict standards.

Living House

Living House in Lima

Design: Chetecortes Architects

Designed for a business family who spends a lot of time traveling, with a culture of fluidity and continuity of energy in their lives.

Villa Harnischmacher ii

Villa Harnischmacher II

A jewel of the post-war era: Villa Harnischmacher II is a brilliant example of the architecture and tubular steel artistry of Marcel Breuer.

Habitat on Terrace

Habitat on Terrace in Brisbane


This project is an exercise in densification of the inner city suburban site while respecting the local context. It attempts to form an example of how a development project can respond to the character of the Queensland vernacular through its contemporary interpretation.

Hafye House

Hafye House in Odawara City

Architect: CUBO

We envisioned a mid-air space with all the core elements for daily living lifted up onto the second story, and thought about how to bring the scenery of Odawara into every room.

La Finca House

La Finca House in Madrid

Architect: Ramon Esteve Estudio

This house is located in a residential area of the mountains of Madrid, where the vegetation is so lush that it becomes very important. The plot borders a lake that the house opens to.

Casa Olguin

Casa Olguín in Jalisco

Architects: Abraham Cota Paredes Arquitectos

On the first appointment I had with the client, we talked about the most substantial things about the project, the usual; number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and how the spaces were going to be vinculated.

V House

V House in Guadalajara

Architects: Abraham Cota Paredes Arquitectos

The land is located in the limit of a closed condominium, with a height difference of 8 meters at the back, which allows us to release the views to the east of the metropolitan area of Guadalajara.

Das Swartzenreader Haus

Das Swartzenreader Haus in Winchester

Design: Reader & Swartz Architects

This house was originally built in the late 1960’s, with a 4/12 gable roof and a second floor that cantilevered two feet past the first floor. The house sits on the top of a hill, on a small, steep, corner lot, within an established neighborhood.