Casa Xixim

Casa Xixim in Tulum

Design: Specht Architects

Highlights of this villa include a rooftop hammock lounge – suspended from the photovoltaic solar power array, four suites that open to expansive bay views and a private staff.

Family Entertainer House

Family Entertainer House in Surrey Hills

Design: Detail 9 Architects Pty Ltd

The clients for this project felt that the nearly two metre drop from the back of their home to their garden was preventing them from getting the best use from their large plot.

House C131

House C131 in Franca

Design: mf+arquitetos

This open-plan contemporary villa in Franca, Brazil, is ideal for entertaining and has easy access to a private swimming pool in the garden.

Riverside House in Horinouchi

Riverside House in Horinouchi

Design: Mizuishi Architect Atelier

Riverside House is a very small house for a young family built on the triangle site where the river and the road cross and makes an acute angle.

Tropical Pool House

Tropical Pool House in Gravataí

Architects: Br3 arquitetos

Built in Gravataí, southern Brazil, this project was developed as s leisure area for an existing villa. This project includes the following: a pool, a deck and a bar.

Johnson House New Canaan

Philip Johnson Glass House, New Canaan

Appointment of Hilary Lewis as Chief Curator & Creative Director of this world-famous 20th Century American residence, from 1949. As an architectural historian, curator and journalist she started collaborating with the architect in 1992.

Villa Holtet in Oslo

Villa Holtet in Oslo

Design: Atelier Oslo, Architects

The starting point is a typical challenge of densification in an area of existing single family houses. The house is broken up into smaller volumes to adapt to the relatively tight situation and the scale of the surrounding buildings.