House DD2110

House DD2.110 by Pirogovo Lake

Design: BIO Architects

The house was designed and produced for a young couple who went to live in the suburbs of Moscow on Pirogovo lake. A year before, in 2015, they asked us for a compact 40 sqm DublDom house.

Photovoltaic Ice Skating Rink

Photovoltaic Ice Skating Rink in Russia

Design: Margot Krasojević Architects

The project is multi-purpose, with an outdoor cinema and a natural geothermal spa, the design intends to reflect the fluid nature and ever changing state of the immediate environment.

Landform House

Landform House in the Tyumen Region

Design: A61 – Architectural Bureau

The start point of this residential house’s design was a sloped site — the house was planned as a dialogue between architecture and landscape.
Approaching to the house’s entrance will make you feel a small dynamic volume.

Pit Stop Retreats

Pit Stop Retreats in Siberia

Design: Kamvari Architects

Working with traditional forms together with the dynamic nature of the railway the building forms seek to express the speed of the train against the stillness of the stations. Creating a timeless and calm interior that will reflect local traditions and values.

New Holland Island: St Petersburg Masterplan

New Holland Island, St Petersburg Masterplan, Architects, Russia, Building, Shortlist, Designs New Holland Island St Petersburg : Russian Masterplan Russian Design Competition + Proposal – design by WORKac, architects 5 + 4 Oct 2016 West 8 Landscape News Saint Petersburg’s New Holland Island photograph courtesy New Holland New Holland Island West 8 Landscape In accordance…

Elite House

Elite House near Rostov

Design: Architectural studio Chado

Elite house in the Rostov region The severe and laconic outline of the building, the large heavy roof – it all creates enormity, static impression.

Villa Sochi, Black Sea House

Villa Sochi, Black Sea House: Russian Property

Design: Alexandra Fedorovat, architect

The exterior evokes the Mobius strip: it is a clear architectural shape of a white strip that flutters in the wind and forms a figure on the one hand and the infinity sign something fundamental on the other.

Barn by a River Guesthouse in Kadnikovo

Barn by a River Guesthouse in Kadnikovo

Design: Dmitry Pozarenko, Architect

A building inspired by “old barns made of stone; forest streams running through the bushes; summer kitchens for open-air cooking; apiaries and 100-foot high pines by the river”.