Bidfood Farutex Culinary Academy

Bidfood Farutex Culinary Academy in Lodz

Architects: mode:lina

In the heart of Poland a new culinary scene has arisen. Architects from mode:lina™ studio were commissioned to design an interior arrangement of Bidfood Farutex Culinary Academy.

Varso Tower

Varso Tower in Warsaw

Design: Foster + Partners

The building of a development, Varso Towers, comprising three buildings including an office tower designed by Foster + Partners, has begun with completion expected for 2020.


CKK Jordanki Auditorium in Torun

Design: Menis

The most complex building to date by Spanish architect Fernando Menis: The interior is marked by the presence of the red brick, crashed and melted into concrete. Almost all the exterior is made of white concrete.

Nemo House by the Masurian Lakes

Nemo House by the Masurian Lakes

Design: Mobius Architekci Przemek Olczyk

Located within a picturesque landscape on a plot with direct access to the lake via a private beach. The building was designed to complete the land form on the spot, as well as to take full advantage of the impressive lake panorama.

Living-Garden House in Katowice

Living-Garden House in Katowice

Design: KWK Promes, architects

The building design attempts to redefine the single-family house to integrate architecture with nature. The classic household division into the living area, located in the ground floor and the sleeping area above is transformed into new typology.

Gdańsk Apartment Interior

Gdańsk Apartment Interior

Design: Ideograf Architectural Studio

This project is an interior design of an apartment in Gdansk. The main architectural idea was to walk visitors through the rich history of the city.

Aquarium Office Complex

Aquarium Office Complex in Gliwice

Design: Zalewski Architecture Group

The idea for this project involves changing the existing building to offices, building a new pavilion acting as the customer service and redesigning the landscape around the villa.

Edge House in Krakow

Edge House in Krakow

Design: Mobius Architekci

A three storey, single family house, an attempt at designing a contemporary urban house in a mountain environment, where the local law requires traditional form.

Fence House

Fence House in Poznań

Design: mode:lina, architects

The lay-out of this building has been designed by its function. The parents and two children, wanted to live independently. Therefore it divides into separate areas – on the first floor allowing adults to enjoy peace, while kids can go crazy in their “own house”.