Tenancingo Square Mediascape Competition

Tenancingo Square Mediascape Competition

Architectural research initiative arch out loud are hosting a competition addressing human trafficking and calling on designers to reimagine the square of Tenancingo Municipality, Mexico where this issue is prevalent.

Casa Olguin

Casa Olguín in Jalisco

Architects: Abraham Cota Paredes Arquitectos

On the first appointment I had with the client, we talked about the most substantial things about the project, the usual; number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and how the spaces were going to be vinculated.

V House

V House in Guadalajara

Architects: Abraham Cota Paredes Arquitectos

The land is located in the limit of a closed condominium, with a height difference of 8 meters at the back, which allows us to release the views to the east of the metropolitan area of Guadalajara.

Casa PE

Casa PE in Tapalpa

Design: AE Arquitectos

Casa PE is composed by two main areas: an area dedicated to a domestic lifestyle, for its inhabitants to live comfortably. The other one features different spaces, such as a terrace to receive visitors.

Casa GP

Casa GP in Jalisco

Design: AE Arquitectos

Casa GP is a residential building where the distribution of spaces is vital. Each area is connected in a way that lets the inhabitants live practically, and enjoy each room at the same time.

Amira Housing

Amirá Housing Development in Queretaro


AMIRÁ occupies a prime location in the City of Queretaro, and overlooks it from the heights of the Diamante neighborhood. The distant surroundings are a visual complement to those nearby.

Casa Xixim

Casa Xixim in Tulum

Design: Specht Architects

Highlights of this villa include a rooftop hammock lounge – suspended from the photovoltaic solar power array, four suites that open to expansive bay views and a private staff.

PM House in Merida

PM House in Merida

Design: FGO/Arquitectura

The Casa PM project is erected within a lot with abundant vegetation, which is why the architecture was adapted to the terrain; most of the trees were respected and were relocated to provide shadow to open spaces.

Ten House in Veracruz

Ten House in Veracruz, Mexico

Design: Taller ADC Architecture Office

A reinterpretation of the spec family house function in which a higher quality is given to the resident, with views of the recreational and social areas, making the house richer in spaces, conclusions and atmosphere.

Patriotismo Tower

Patriotismo Tower in Mexico City

Architects: SpAce

Patriotism Tower 580 is a new office building in Mexico City. The facilities provide users with the latest technology, efficient plant, significant savings in energy consumption as well as a modern and attractive image for both the user and the spectator.