Hafye House

Hafye House in Odawara City

Architect: CUBO

We envisioned a mid-air space with all the core elements for daily living lifted up onto the second story, and thought about how to bring the scenery of Odawara into every room.

Harumi Residential Tower Tokyo

Harumi Residential Tower in Tokyo

Design: Richard Meier & Partners

Prominently positioned building adjacent to the site of the 2020 Olympic Village the development is the first residential project in Japan by Pritzker Prize-winning architect Richard Meier.

Gyomin Syokudo Restaurant in Okinawa

Gyomin Syokudo Restaurant in Okinawa

Design: Yamazaki Kentaro Design

Located in Itoman, Okinawa, the aim of this project is to support and promote local tradition and culture through its cuisine. The restaurant is covered in Ryukyu limestone and constructed via a “masonry workshop” organized by the project collaborators.

ReForm of Garden in Nara

ReForm of Garden in Nara, Japan


Located in a residential area in Ikoma-city, Nara: the architects stacked the garden and the parking lot at the same planar position by laying a concrete plane which is the roughly same size as living space, and lifting up the part of it to use its downside as the parking lot.

House Wago in Shizuoka

House Wago in Shizuoka

Design: msd-office, architects

This building consists of a two stories high rectangular box with a meter deep balcony, which functions both as a semi-outdoor corridor connecting the rooms on the upper floor, and as a roof over the ground floor entrance porch and veranda.

Fuji Kindergarten

Ring Around a Tree, Fuji Kindergarten, Japan

Design: Tezuka Architects

The annex to Fuji Kindergarten contains English classrooms and a school bus waiting area. A twisting zelkova tree dominates the site and while half of the building is exterior space, the footprint does not define the boundary between outside and in.

Kakko House in Osaka

Kakko House in Osaka

Design: YYAA Architects

An expanded metal stair connects each floor and spreads the sun light inside. Occupants are “living like birds swinging from branch to branch.”

PABLO Himeji Store

PABLO Himeji, Hyogo, Japan

Design: Design Atelier RONDO, architects

A fresh-baked cheese tarts store in Hyogo. The architects made a sequence of intersectional curve lines from the façade to the inside of the shop like a tunnel, based on layer design.

D-Apartment in Osaka

D-Apartment in Osaka


This collective housing’s scale is intermediate position between detached housing and building. This project site is situated on the west side of small station, a big 700-year-old camphor tree passing through the platform and the canopy.

N Strips Residence in Osaka

N Strips Residence in Osaka

Design: Jun Murata architect, JAM

A new white louver of cedar is painted white. The surface is ‘dimly grained’ in terms of reflectivity, like metal. With sunshine angles through the day various expressions are apparent.