Apartment in Darrous

Apartment No.55 in Darrous, Tehran

Architects: Maziyar Jafarieh

The concept stems from paternity house with wide windows and green picturesque garden which was a placid place for the family: the desire was to create an ‘iconic’ building.

Barin Ski Resort Iran building

Barin Ski Resort Iran: Shemsak Ski Resort

Design: RYRA Studio, architects

Shemshak is the second largest ski area in Iran, about 55 minutes drive from Tehran. This project on a mountain was a demonstration one to investigate the interface between nature and architecture.

Tabiat Pedestrian Bridge Tehran

Tabiat Pedestrian Bridge, Tehran

Architect: Diba Tensile Architecture / Leila Araghian, Alireza Behzadi

Infrastructure connecting two parks across a highway. A 270m-long curved pedestrian bridge, a complex steel structure featuring a dynamic 3D truss with two continuous deck levels that sits on three tree shape columns.

White Office Building

White Office Building in Tehran

Architects: BNS Studio

The White Office Building is located at one of the busiest street in shahrak-e-gharb, Tehran. The office complex comprises five levels of open office floors and one double height retail store at street level.

Sham Tabrizi Monument

Shams Tabrizi Monument in Khoy

Architects: BNS Studio

Shams Monument was designed in form of a Garden-Tomb, which provide possibilities for visitors to leisurely walk around the tomb and the historical site to learn about Shams and Persian poetry.

RMJM Museum

Iran Historical Car Museum

Design: RMJM Arta Tehran Architects

Appointment by the Cultural Institute of Bonyad Museum as architectural consultant for this building. It will be the first project in Iran for this global architecture office.

Orsi Khaneh Building

Orsi Khaneh Building in Tehran

Design: Keivani Architects

This residential building forms a picturesque scenery in this generic metropolis while providing ‘skin senses’ for its occupants plus “comfort, brightness and harmony”.

Echelon Concert Hall of Damghan

Echelon Concert Hall of Damghan

Design: G.S.A Architectural Design group, Architects

Examining and analyzing the principles of contextualized architecture, this building is meant to craft a cultural space in order to appreciate certain talents and skills in its anticipated field, and to provide the desirable carrier for the artistic and creative ideas of the musician to be expressed.

House in Mosha

House in Mosha

Design: New Wave Architecture

“It is inevitable that the innate trend of human being is tangled to natural landscape, The location of project is Mosha site in the vicinity of north side of Tehran in domains of Alborz mountains.”