360 Villa

360 Villa in Holland

Design: 123DV

The family consists of a couple and their beautiful Alaskan malamute dogs. This time, our slogan ‘Living in a tailored suit’ has a special dynamic.

The Lorentz Towers

The Lorentz Towers in Leiden

Design: Neutelings Riedijk Architects

Lorentz, designed by Neutelings Riedijk Architects, is a new multifunctional building of over 55.000 sqm that is composed of three light-coloured towers of different heights that stand on top of a dark-coloured plinth building.

The Bunker

The Bunker Apartment Tower in Eindhoven

Architects: Powerhouse Company

This development will combine mainly housing, offices and a grand café. Plans are being discussed to add a short-stay hotel. The building will be equipped with the latest technological applications.

Villa Clessidra

Villa Clessidra in Holland

Design: LAAV Architects

A swimming pool is positioned in the middle of the house, creating a concrete shape cut in half by a transparent zone. The upper floor of the house constitutes the “night zone”, a space dedicated to sleep and relaxation.

Donderen Barnhouse

Donderen Barnhouse in Holland

Design: aatvos, architects

The design embraces the classical typology and develops new living demands. Due to local regulations, the house is designed within the footprint and spatial template of the original barn that once stood at the site.

De Melkfabriek Arnhem Buildings

De Melkfabriek Arnhem Buildings

Design: Team BPD | Studioninedots, Architects

Winning proposal for redevelopment of the Coberco factory site: the vision opens up the current disused industrial site on the Rhine river through a distinctly sustainable and lively urban environment.

Delft New Train Station

New Train Station in Delft

Architects: Mecanoo architecten

The station, in combination with municipal offices and the new city hall, sits atop a new train tunnel built in place of the old concrete viaduct that has divided the city in two since 1965.

Dutch Mountains in Eindhoven Brainport

Dutch Mountains in Eindhoven Brainport

The Dutch Mountains. The interactive work and residential environment of the future; a multi-purpose facility on a mission. An ultra-circular structure capable of changing along as time passes, and capacitated for improvement though updates, upgrades, and possibly the occasional downgrade as well.