Dag Cottage Chamonix-Mont-Blanc

Dag Cottage in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc

Design: Chevallier Architectes

This cottage was originally a summer residence, like many others in Chamonix, and was therefore not insulated for winter use. No upgrades had been done since its construction approximately 70 years ago.

Electronic Music Venue

Electronic Music Venue in Grenoble

Design: Hérault Arnod architectes

Electronic music is a new subject for architecture. Most of the times electro nights take place in spaces that were not specially designed for them: clubs or night clubs, warehouses, fields, stadiums.

Hub Creatic Nantes

Hub Creatic, La Chantrerie, Nantes

Design: Tetrarc, architects

A building with lively yellow walls dedicated to young companies developing new digital applications. The building gathers them around a vast swirling atrium, a spatial design favourable to communication and the synergy of projects.

Terrasson Multimedia Library

Terrasson’s Multimedia Library in France

Design: Architecture Patrick Mauger

The aim of the new multimedia library building, built at the same time as the Maison du Temps Libre, is to provide the town with a new boost to its cultural life.

Ring of Remembrance memorial

The Ring of Remembrance Memorial Notre-Dame-de-Lorette

Design: Agence d’architecture Philippe Prost

This striking memorial near Arras commemorates the thousands who died in the region during World War I. Ablain St.-Nazaire French Military Cemetery, is the world’s largest French military cemetery.

Liot de L'Octroi

Ilot de l’Octroi Housing in Rennes

Design: MVRDV

The curved façades of these buildings take inspiration from rock formations. The project will add to the renewal of Greater Rennes, with the view of creating a socially united and welcoming riverside community.

Vincent van Gogh Foundation Arles

Vincent van Gogh Foundation Rehabilitation

Design: Fluor Architecture

The complete renovation of a former private mansion in Arles exactly responded to the Foundation’s desire to bring a contemporary perspective on the work of Vincent van Gogh to life.

Rouen Masterplan design

Rouen Masterplan: Saint Sever – Ile Lacroix

Design: Sane Architecture

Cities, configurations and architectural structures have been considered fixed systems, in equilibrium in which the different parts were meant to be coordinated in linking macrostructures – or frameworks according to the rational classical model.