Pergola Pavilion

Pergola Pavilion in Lo Barnechea

Architects: PAR Arquitectos

The project strategy refers to the pergola as an architectural reference; That light and autonomous frame as an integral support of nature and multiple activities.

Endless Space for Casa Foa

Endless Space for Casa Foa in Santiago

Design: 57STUDIO

With Endless Space 57STUDIO wanted to provoke something beyond the products exhibited, which in fact were very few as we seek to highlight them much better through the white backdrop and lighting.

Bahá’í Temple of South America

Baha’i Temple, Santiago Building, Chile

Design: Hariri Pontarini Architects

The Baha’i Temple for South America uses translucent stone and innovative glass technology to generate both the physiological and spiritual delights of natural light embodied in architecture.

Rocas House Chile

Rocas House in Chile

Design:  Studio MK27 and 57STUDIO, architects

Building insertion was designed to be as gentle as possible, in order to preserve the level difference of the site and the views. The architects created two side stone walls, like a programmatic box with the social and service areas of the house.

Casa Corredor in Huelquén

Casa Corredor in Huelquén District

Design: Chauriye Stäger Arquitectos

Facing the breathtaking Andes mountain range on one side and a rolling, luxuriant valley of almond trees on the other, the house is located next to a reservoir.

Casa HG

Casa HG in Cachagua

Design: Cristian Hrdalo Arquitectos

HG House is a house on the beach for my parents, for them it was very important that the house could receive all the family and guests and also to function at a reduced size when they were alone.