Construction Climate Challenge

Sustainable Architecture: Climate Change

A new research project seeks to develop a tool to identify and reduce carbon in the construction supply chain: a collaboration between the University of Edinburgh Business School and Costain Group, funded by the Construction Climate Challenge.

Crittall Windows

The History of Crittall Windows

Crittall windows may be hot right now, but their story goes back 130 years, taking in the Tower of London and National Gallery along the way

Container Temporary Housing

Housing Crisis

The UK’s dramatic population growth projection – 11 million more people by 2035, equivalent to 22 more Manchesters, already Europe’s most overcrowded country, will have damaging consequences for everyone.

More Storage for Your Home

More Storage for Your Home

Storage is necessary to keep our homes uncluttered, but how storage solutions fit within the internal geography of a space is as vital as thinking about what’s being stored and how effectively that can be done.

Sean Noon Drawings

Student Projects at Dundee School of Architecture, UK

e-architect will be following the progress of architecture student Sean Noon during his degree studies at Dundee University in Scotland. As part of Module One, earlier this year, Sean completed his A1 Orthographic drawing of the Suleymaniye Mosque in Istanbul.

Glass Box Extensions

Glass Box Extensions

While an extension to your home expands the space available to you, a glass-box extension takes it in a new, stylish direction. Why have a solid box when a gorgeous glass structure is so much more exciting?

7 Amazing Underground Homes

7 Amazing Underground Homes

There’s an air of mystery about what lies below our feet. The idea of living below the ground might be a fascinating idea for some but a nightmare for others.