Piezoelectric Trolleybus Gardens

Piezoelectric Trolleybus Gardens

Design: Margot Krasojevic Architect

Trolleybuses are electric vehicles which makes them more environmentally friendly than fossil fuel or hydrocarbon-based vehicles when implemented in the city.

Artificial Snow Cave

Margot Krasojevic, Architect – Architecture

Margot Krasojević Architects news

Artificial Snow Cave Emergency Shelter – the hut offers a snowdrift frame made from weighted carbon fibre mesh, this contoured landscape mimics the surrounding vertiginous precipices and landscapes, the carbon fibre snowscape creates an artificial snow cave.

Isozaki Tower Milan Staircase Design

Isozaki Tower Milan Staircase Design, Italian Building Development, Italy Architecture Isozaki Tower Milan Staircase Design for Tallest Building in Italy, CityLife Real Estate Project 27 Nov 2014 Isozaki Tower in Milan Tallest Building in Italy Italian designer Fontanot teams up with Isozaki for World Expo project With World Expo 2015 around the corner in Milan,…

MEMBRANE dialogue: architecture and textile

MEMBRANE, Architecture and Textile, Building Skin, Architectural Clothing Design MEMBRANE dialogue: architecture and textile Permeability Design Discussion – article by Petra Gipp 25 Nov 2014 MEMBRANE – a dialogue between architecture and textile Architecture Skin – Textile Building Membrane (latin membra’na, skin, from membrum, member of the body) A membrane is a pliable and selectively…

Mount Litera Zee School, Punjab, West India

Mount Litera Zee School, Punjab Building, India Education Project, Bathinda, News Mount Litera Zee School Education Development in Punjab, North Western India, Asia – design by iSTUDIO architecture 29 Oct 2014 Mount Litera Zee School Mount Litera Zee School in West India Design: iSTUDIO architecture Location: Kotshamir area near Bathinda in Punjab, India Address: State…

Daxing Factory Conversion

Daxing Factory Conversion Development, Beijing Buildings, Project, Images, Chinese Architecture Daxing Factory Conversion Beijing Building Redevelopment – design by Tsutsumi & Associates (TSUAA), Architects 2 Oct 2014 Daxing Factory Conversion Design: Architect l Tsutsumi & Associates (TSUAA) Location: Daxing, south Beijing, R.O.C. Daxing Factory Conversion The factory building was exported to the furniture manufacturer’s office.…

Dalseong Citizen’s Gymnasium

Dalseong Citizen’s Gymnasium Competition, Daegu Architecture Contest Dalseong Citizen’s Gymnasium, Korea Daegu Building: South Korea International Competition Entry – design by JDAP 14 Jul 2014 Dalseong Citizen’s Gymnasium Design: JDAP Location: Dalseong County (Dalseong-gun), Daegu, South Korea THE CITY-EMBRACE Crafting a New Relationship with the Land, the City, and its People JDAP has designed a new…